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The forest is home to as many different cat characters as you can imagine. And each one is boiling up their own pot of soup - though the ingredients may differ from one feline to the next, in order to make their favorite recipe. Cats love fruits and vegetables; they seem to be the best treatment when it comes to feeding your hungry felines. After feeding them, the cats will jump on a log and fall asleep. Are they dreaming of delicious meals? Maybe! Are they really tired feeling after their big meal? Definitely!


If you feed them too much, you might have a hard time getting rid of your snoozing friend. They may also get sick if you feed them too many sweets, so beware! But if you do not feed them enough, they won't be able to make enough soup for the upcoming day. The cats' daily routines are the exact opposite of humans. They enjoy doing their chores and making soup by night, while we go to sleep and hang out during the day.


Each cat has different taste preferences when it comes to food. If you give them a meal that does not satisfy their needs or does not match their tastes, they will get tired of eating that type of meal for a whole week. That may lead them to make some fish-saw broth the next day.


Make sure you are aware of your cat's needs and tastes when you are making meals. Your level of success will determine the length of time each cat will be asleep, and how many fish they can catch per day. The cats' lifestyles are pretty straightforward when you are looking for a simple yet fun idle game. Their daily routines, their daily schedules, their movements around the forest - everything is planned out for you to help them make soup! It's the lazy cat's paradise! You can increase your score with more cats at home by feeding them tasty tonics and pills that help in their downtimes.

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