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The Secret Society: Mystery is a freemium game released by G5 Entertainment that caters to hidden object lovers. The Secret Society is a must-see for kids who love solving puzzles and riddles in a free hidden object mobile adventure game. In the game, kids need to find and piece together notes in order to solve the huge mystery filled with mystery in their uncle's mansion. The game will provide a mysterious story. Children will explore freely in this game world full of hidden objects with fascinating characters. During the game, children also experience unexpected plot twists and constantly swap and match gems in clever puzzles. In addition, the game is constantly updated with additional missions. This allows children to look for clues and useful items that will help them complete their quests and continue their play journey.


The Secret Society follows a quest-style progression method and provides a series of different rooms for children to play. There are certain hidden object style game challenges that kids can complete. Every time children complete a scene, they will gain a lot of experience, which will greatly increase their sense of purpose and achievement. After a victory, kids can also unlock other game objectives and tasks.


The Secret Society has a nice game mechanic. Children can quickly pay off in the game. The game interface has a constant experience bar to show the progress of the game, and an increasing energy bar to indicate how long the kids must wait to get back to full capacity. Additionally, crystals in The Secret Society can be purchased for real money to speed up the game, but as long as your child is patient, there is no need to purchase them at all.


Overall, Secret Society is an excellent game with a unique traversal of magical worlds, finding hidden objects and treasure, and playing cryptic puzzles. If your kids love to find hidden objects and want to experience an engaging hidden object adventure, don't miss this adventure game with an artistic and mysterious tone.

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