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The Baby In Yellow is a horror simulation game published by Team Terrible. For kids who like survival horror-themed games, this game is worth checking out. And this game also provides your children with a golden experience of parenting. In the game, children will play the role of a babysitter who takes care of the children. But unlike ordinary baby care games, this baby in the game is not an ordinary baby. Children will encounter all kinds of difficulties and challenges in the process of caring for this baby. So, kids have to be patient and confident in the game.


In order to successfully complete the game, children must remain calm no matter what happens in the process of caring for the baby. The child's task is to take care of the baby for five consecutive nights. At the beginning of the game, the baby is gentle and cute. Children just need to put the baby to bed and or feed the baby. But after playing for a while, kids may find the game a little disconcerting. Because the kids will see this baby and stare at them with those huge red eyes. This can be stressful for kids but also very stimulating.


During the game, the children will gradually lose control of the baby. But at this time they cannot choose to give up. Throughout the whole process of babysitting, things and the whole atmosphere of the game can gradually get so weird. If your kids are totally ready to indulge in this terrifying horror game, they will have a lot of fun or keep screaming during the adventure. Although The Baby In Yellow is relatively short, this baby will bring many unexpected surprises and children will experience many exciting moments when playing this game, so they will not be interested in this The game is boring.


If your child is patient and courageous enough, they will eventually succeed in caring for this baby, even if they will go through some the horrific ordeal of this baby. Otherwise, the kids’ mission will fail and need to start from scratch. Dealing with this scary baby will require children to use their wits, and if they can control this baby for a long time, they will feel very accomplished, and the game will provide new areas for children to explore. From taking care of the baby to trying to escape the baby, the game is fun. Trust me, your kids will love this unique horror game and they will be very excited and thrilled to take care of this strange baby in this big house.

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