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Time Princess: Story Traveler is a role-playing game published by IGG.COM. It's a well-designed historical and fantasy-themed game with a rich plot and beautifully crafted characters. Therefore, it is perfect for kids who like the storyline as the theme of the game. Your child will be the heroine of the game, and the children will inherit a magical storybook that will absorb the hero of the game into its pages. For example, children can play Joe March from Little Women or characters from famous fairy tales and folklore tales such as The Magic Lamp and Swan Lake.


Children meet romantic characters in every story in the game. Depending on the choices children make throughout the story, they will get different endings. It's similar to most role-playing games and very fun. But it's different in the dress-up element. Children have to dress up their characters according to the desired theme in order to pass the level faster. Meanwhile, kids need to collect certain items through mini-games or gifts to make in-game clothes.


Your kids will love the game's storyline. Because the story design is clever and brilliant. The game's costume elements are well integrated into the plot of Time Princess. Children will find that the characters inside are very full and there will be an immersive feeling. Plus, the game's story is full of interesting historical and cultural references, so your kids will learn a lot in the fun. For example, children will play a journalist and learn about the Mafia and its dark crimes in the mid-1920s, as well as the rampant corruption that prevailed among the politicians and law enforcement of that era.


Overall, Time Princess: Story Traveler's animations are beautiful and smooth, and the characters and costumes are gorgeously designed. Children can feel in the game that the R&D team put a lot of ingenious ideas into the design of each piece, and made them beautifully. I highly recommend your kids to experience this great story-based role-playing game. Time Princess: Story Traveler won't disappoint the kids.

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