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As a player, I just wanted to say that I enjoy this game. It's a great time killer and it's something fun to do outside. I also really loved how they updated the pokemon finding with some major improvements on distance and tracking them down easier. Another thing that would be nice is if they featured more "real life" Pokémon battles rather than simply gyms, but perhaps another entirely separate game release would be excellent as well!


You can catch Pokémon in ten-minute intervals from your couch or while commuting to work. But the trading and battling, that's the best part. I wish they have Pokémon battle looks realistic. The new update makes it easier to see what Pokémon are around you and also how close they are (within range). Another thing is that they finally added a battery saver in case you forget to shut off your phone.


Besides that, I love the graphics of the game and wish the Pokémon battles were more like the actual games. This game has a lot of potentially very good graphics, but poor development. They need to implement real battles with friends and trade Pokémon like any other game if not better than them. The gym idea is good but the battles are not realistic. If they focus on this more and add a little too much it will be one of the best games, though it's already the best one.


This game is pretty fun to play but when I haven't been playing for a while and I get back into the app, it always says that I'm in the wrong location. So, then I have to go out looking for Pokémon again, which isn't as fun since they aren't as frequent to find as they were before. Overall you love it!!

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