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Lover! Partners! love! Pets! All will be here for you. Hey, you! Great news – there’s a new Pocket Love game in town! You and your partner live in your little cozy house together with a pet of your choice. All kinds of stuff can happen when you shrink down to pocket size – go for a walk with your best friend, get out on the dance floor at parties, and mix it up with all sorts of other characters with different expressions. But most important is to find love! Is there one person who really makes your heart beat faster? Is love, at first sight, happen to you?


The new Pocket Love game has loads of great features you won’t want to miss. For example, you now have a cute little house to live in. You have an amazing store for decorating your house. You will be able to choose a partner. All kinds of unique characters will visit you and it’s your job to invite them in.  where are they? Well during play you will be able to meet them everywhere like ---- dance playground, the part where you are going to walk with your little pet. And so on….


All the people you meet what do they want from you? You’ll have to figure that out during your game! Do you know what else there waiting for you? Well, you can choose your own pet – the kind of pet that suits the way you live your life! If that means dressing up your cat or dog in your favorite clothes and taking lots of pictures, then go for it! But if you prefer a more natural style, don’t like to be too much attached to a pet then pick something like a fish instead...haha! will be a good option for you are decoration also. Meet people in Pocket Love today and get ready to start living life from the smallest possible perspective.

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