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The game follows a young German woman, Elfriede, who is raped by a Russian soldier in Berlin after the end of World War II. Elfriede becomes pregnant and has to flee from her home because the child is unwanted. She goes to Denmark (one of the few countries that opened its borders for children born out of wedlock) before moving on to Roskilde, where she gives birth to her daughter and raises her in uncertain circumstances.


Danish authorities eventually learn about Elfriede's daughter: they force her to start working as a housekeeper for soldiers' families where one day Elfriede's daughter also learns about how she was born - it all starts making sense. Elfriede goes to the police to confirm what she already knows about her daughter's birth. The police aren't able to help, as it is a German secret and must be held for a further time. Elfriede does not give up: she goes back to Roskilde and tries to find out more about her daughter by contacting some of the men from the area who were involved in her birth.


She finally learns that she may have been involved in a Lebensborn program - but only as "a normal child born to a German soldier and Danish woman." She goes to Sweden where she also tries to find out more about her daughter. It turns out that her daughter was born in the town of Roskilde on August 15, 1946. Eventually, Elfriede's daughter is reunited with her mother, who is now living in Sweden. The game has some difficult challenging moments for players, both because of the choices they can make and because of the consequences. Overall it’s hearing a touching historical drama-type game. When you play sometimes might be gonna cry. Don’t wait for it!!

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