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Coloring games are extremely popular with kids and adults alike, but a lot of them have been accused of being too easy. If you're looking for a more difficult game to give your brain a workout, then THIS is it! It's time to put those colored pencils down and step instead onto the stained concrete grounds of our insane asylum for the color-obsessed. The best coloring game in existence!


This game is not only fun and challenging, but it also helps you learn new colors from some weird places like things that are usually yellow, purple or green when they're exposed to different light sources. This app has been enjoyed by students worldwide and is great for those who just want a quick distraction while waiting in line somewhere. It's simple, easy to use, and will engage you while you kill time. It is a very addictive game that will keep your brain working by matching the right color with the right object. This free app challenges you to find the correct color for each object scanned. You are given a clue as to what the correct color is, but it's up to you to figure out what that clue means and apply it to solving the puzzle. Simple at first but becomes more difficult as more colored objects are added and it gets more challenging as you progress through the game.


This coloring book app provides over 20 colorful images that will keep you busy for hours. It's an exciting app that challenges you to find the right color right away, but if you're one of those people who needs a little guidance, this puzzle game has it in abundance to help guide you through!! This free app can be used by all ages and played together by family members and friends.

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