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It's no secret that playhouses are all the rage these days, with many toys and games designed to help children develop vital skills and imagine new worlds. If you need some inspiration to get your kids outside and playing or want a new way to entertain yourself, Fruit Ninja Classic is the perfect game for you. You won’t be disappointed with this tribute to the original game - it’s easy enough for anyone to understand and even easier to play. In Fruit Ninja Classic, players will take on the role of a ninja warrior trying to locate three fruit-flavored bombs hidden throughout a complex maze of destructible fruit. The aim is straightforward: slice with your sword and make sure not one single piece of fruit remains! If you do happen to leave any behind – well. you will have to start again.


There are four game modes in the classic version of this game, each designed to be played with two or more players. In the Classic mode, each player must slice as many pieces of fruit as they possibly can within sixty seconds. This is a classic mode for all the family. The Dual mode is much like the Classic, but the objective is to decimate all of your opponents' fruit or to lose your own. The Ninja mode is a one-on-one game of fruit ax-throwing. If you’re feeling competitive, try it out in this mode!


The final new mode of play, Team Battle, requires two teams with players taking on the role of either a ninja warrior or an ingenious bomb defuser. Team Battle is designed for up to four players and each team must work together on their side of the field before moving on to victory in the other half. Isn’t it sound look exciting? So, no wait, let’s play.

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