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There are lots of games outside nowadays. Talking Tom Hero Dash is a platform game where players can play as many different Talking Tom characters, along with the exact purpose of Talking Ben and Lee the Cat. Each character has their own unique power or skill that can be unlocked for purchase with coins. With the inconsistent occurrence, you start by playing as a fresh-faced Tom wearing a comical new jumpsuit, making your way through the uniquely designed levels.


The objective of each level is to find the number of "hero" stars in each environment before you reach the exit to make it to said level's boss fight and collect your reward. To affirm with the suggested precondition the game itself has a rather amicable difficulty curve and can be played easily by anyone with a passing familiarity of the control scheme. As it stands, in order to achieve the same ending state that you encounter in 1 or 2 stars, super hard modes need to be unlocked (like Tom's Island) while missions/challenges have been removed as well as trophies being removed. The final boss fight is also quite the disappointing conclusion to an otherwise fun game. I personally found the controls and run-around mechanic rather fun, with an enjoyable experience evolving out of a few hours of playtime. I would just like to see what a "secret" mode is like, and how much it can be expanded upon.


The sum of everything that’s been staged so far, regardless of the reality the fact remains that the game is still quite enjoyable if you're looking for an adventure with Tom and if you're a Tom fanatic. For less than $5, you'll get 10 very fun (if short) levels to play as well as unlockable characters. So, start the journey with Tom today! Let’s play!

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