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Unlike many other mobile games, Subway Surfers has a very simple objective: navigate your character to the finish line as fast as you can. That's it. The player doesn't need to fight for coins and power-ups, not even evade oncoming trains — all gameplay is running straight through the city!


This simplicity is what makes Subway Surfers one of the most addicting game apps ever made. The goal is easy to understand, and the controls are simple enough for anyone to pick up. Once you hit that start button, you won't be able to stop! The premise of the game is you're a graffiti artist whose latest piece has offended the wrong guy. Your character was framed and sent to jail, but you escaped by catching a train and jumping off at the last second! To accomplish this, your character must move through the city avoiding police officers armed with paint sprayers and other enemies who are trying to catch him. The only things that protect him are passing trains, the occasional shield, and a few other random items.


Holding down left or right on the control pad will cause your character to turn left or right, respectively. One of the most important moves in this game! You need these to jump from one moving train car to another. However, if you run too far ahead of your current position, you'll soon find yourself stuck waiting for a train and unable to continue running.


It's okay if you fall behind, though. Subway Surfers is designed to be a very forgiving game. If you lose all your health and fall behind the other players, you'll simply be teleported back to the start of the level without losing any power-ups or coins. This can give a player an edge if he has fallen behind — as long as they are able to make a quick comeback. Now you're on the run and have one goal: don't get caught.

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