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"Angry Birds" vs. "Angry Birds Go!" concepts, if you are not sure then here you guys! I recently found out about this game and I absolutely love it. The gameplay is excellent; I haven't spent a penny on it and have made excellent progress, and there are satisfyingly challenging stages. I'm not talking like impossible hard but rather a level of difficulty that makes you feel accomplished when you beat it after hours of trying.


The graphics are also beautifully polished and the animations give a realistic feel to the birds as they jump around in bushes to hide or get up close with their beaks pulled back in anger barking at enemies. Granted most games these days don't need much because everything on your phone is good quality but Angry Birds Journey is just top-notch in my opinion. A few things I noticed that I feel could be improved. The animation of the birds when they jump up and down on the high points can be a little off but I'm no animator so whatever.


Another thing is that the opening cutscenes are skipped after you get to level 2 and it's very annoying, especially because you're stuck for hours without even knowing what this game is about. I feel like these cutscenes need to be there for both new and returning players so they know what's going on, not just level 2 where everything is explained from the get-go. Save your game before trying new levels, levels 1-4 are the most challenging levels and can be frustrating when you die. The controls are also a little stiff which makes it even harder making you feel like you're falling off with every jump. Wish you have a good experience while gonna play this game.

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