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Do you know about high heels? In this fun game, you need to walk with these shoes on the road, collecting them before heading to the end of the runway. You will win and be able to escape from the rescue walls if you pick as many high heels as possible. The more extreme your shoe is, the more difficult it will be to get around. To play this game, you need to pick up the running shoes on the road. Each block is a different kind of shoe! The orange blocks are common, but please pick them as fast as you can. And do not always pick them in the same way, it's very fun for you to make things more difficult for yourself.


There are also lights and walls here and there. The lights turn to blue when you can walk on it, and black when you cannot. If a wall is in front of you then push your shoe forward until you find a space to climb or jump over it. Watch out for all obstacles around you carefully. There are also flags on platforms that allow you to win! To get them, head to the platform and don’t miss to grab the flag. Remember to keep the shoes on your feet! You must avoid stepping on them, otherwise, you will lose one of your best high heels. And if you fall off a platform, you will lose one of your shoes.


Be careful with these hazards! You have three chances to mount a high heel shoe and continue running. When it's gone, it's actually gone! The challenging part of this shoe race is that there are many block types in this game and they come at random every time. Good luck and have a lot of fun in this game!

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