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There's a new web game in town: Coin Master. It's the first Pirate-themed strategy game, but there are more games coming soon that will include even more characters. You play as a different pirate character each day, and your goal is to collect coins, battle other pirates to protect your villages while you're away, and fight enemies or trade with them to collect loot in order of difficulty. This game is addicting and doesn't require much thought on how best to play it. It's just so easy! In fact, that's why some people who have never played an online browser-based game before struggle with playing it for too long at once.


You are given your pirate's name, which can be either male or female. You have to first choose a difficulty level between easy, medium and hard. The harder the difficulty level, the more difficult your villagers will be to defeat. In this game, you have an island that contains three different kinds of buildings: shipyard, mines and structures. You can also buy and upgrade items. You can attack and collect loot from the other pirates' villages, but you have to make sure to fight their guards first! When attacking a village, you'll get 4 raids that you can take back with you, but if you want more raids then you have to pay for them with in-game currency. Each raid contains 7 different types of loot. You can use this loot to better your pirate or village by using it to upgrade your structures, ships or weapons.


The most important part of the game is you need gold in order to battle other pirates and collect loot from their villages. You can get small amounts of gold from attacking pirate's villages, but that will only buy you a few upgrades. For bigger amounts of gold, you have to harvest it from your mines or buy it with real money. Let’s enjoy it!

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