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So, what is this game actually? Pou is a very interesting online game, Which you can look after your own alien pet!!! This game is about a little alien who you have to care from when they're just hatched for until they are an adult. You must make sure that they survive and reproduce. Feed them, clear their dust, play with them. It's similar to your real-life pet. You can give your alien pet different items, playing toys, foods, and a lot of other items. During that time unlock new backgrounds and clothing to suit your own preference. The main objective of the game is to satisfy your alien's needs and keep the environment clean.


All the items that you can use on your pet are in a box called the "Item Box". This box automatically gets refilled every few days when you log in. Each item that is found in the item box has a certain cost. For example: if you want to give food to your alien it costs 1 point. You need to earn points for collecting all the features for your pet. During the play, it's impossible to collect all points at once. You need to complete up levels for collecting those points.


Level up means your pou grown up and at the same time, you can able to unlocks wallpapers, all the outfits and items for customization and also got points. For the outfit part, it has new collections like- Hats and Eyeglasses, those are available in “Game Room”. You need to collect coins to unlock every feature. Don’t forget to check new features updates every time. Their needs change as time goes on so make sure you keep an eye out for them. Enjoy your alien pet!!

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