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Forget about fast-paced city life and the hustle of modern life. The time has come to go back to basics and escape into the mesmerizing world of Family Island! The best farming game tells the story of a modern Stone Age family who decides to take an amazing adventure — they have an opportunity to be on a desert island together with you, where they'll try themselves in different roles: farmer, cook, trader and many others. The game is a simulator of the Stone Age way of life. You'll need to build houses, cultivate fields and take care of animals. Cooperate with your friends and you'll be able to develop new technologies in craftsmanship and take part in exciting adventures!


The main character is a modern Stone Age family are waiting for you. Alex and his wife Valeri are ready to find out what adventures you can have on an island! They've been working for a long time on their farm, but now they are going to relax and have fun. And you can help them! Your friend Mike always dreamed about visiting far-away lands and becoming an explorer, just like his uncle Joe. And you're an expert hunter and hunter's son, aren't you?


Oh! You can invite your friends and their characters will also help you with tasks. The more characters you have in the game — the more fun! You can craft houses, build farms and enclose pastures. Build them as expensive or as cheap as you want. You can also upgrade them. It will take you a lot of time to build your house, but you can easily do it if there are enough people in your clan. You can also build a greenhouse to grow fruits or collect mushrooms and do other things that require you to stay awake all day long. So put on your most comfortable clothes, set off on an exciting adventure, and get ready to build a great life with your friends!

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