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Do you like singing, dancing, makeover and so on all those girly stuffs? Are you ready to make some new friends? Then get on board with Talking Angela! This virtual superstar is waiting to be your next best friend. Join one of the most popular games and start chatting, singing, and dancing away. There are so many exciting adventures for you and Angela to go on together! You’ll also have a chance to help her choose her wardrobe and activities - after all, she can’t live without them! And then there’s her super sweet sticker album- this is one place you can help make her happy!


Follow the adventure in the AR with your smartphone or tablet, unlock the fun DIY stickers, and have a blast. It’s always great when you work together as friends to find everything Angela needs! Help her make friends here in Talking Angela Dream World. She’d love you to join her anytime. This game is highly recommended for girls of all ages and fans of the talking Angela series! During play this game you need to focus few parts. One of them is styling part. Style Tips from Talking Angela: Sleek a brand-new look. Use makeup effects to make your options even more stylish! You can also pick up some cool outfits from the boutique at my store and change her hairstyle in my salon, too. During play, you will find lots of ways that you can help her feel pretty on a daily basis!


Inside the game, one of the other features is Sticker Albums. There are lots of things for you to do in the sticker album. When you get to know Angela better play some games, surprise her with special treats, and make sure she keeps smiling every day. So, let's help her for new life.

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