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Having a life is sometimes tricky to figure out, and there’s no one more of an expert than The Game of Life 2 digital board game. The Game of Life 2 digital board game, a sequel to the iconic game first launched in 1960, is now available for iPhone and iPad. But what's new about this version? If you're one of the millions who enjoyed The Game of Life 1 when it was released 60 years ago, you'll be happy to know that The Game of Life 2 keeps the same classic mix of family, friends, and heartbreak throughout. This sequel takes the classic mix of family and friends, heartbreak and triumph that was so synonymous with The Game of Life 1 and introduces some new crossroads. Will you be a video blogger, an engineer, or some other random career? What roads will your friends and family take?


This version of The Game of Life 2 also makes it easier than ever to jump into your favorite mechanic. Now, you’re just four swipes away from taking a spin through the game! And with a thousand new ways to live, and money no longer the only goal in life, your decision-making is sure to be hilarious. You can still play a family patriarch or matriarch or have the best friends ever! But now you'll be able to play in a whole new city, build the house of your dreams and live out your ideal life.


Play The Game of Life 2 with many generations to increase your score quickly. As with the original, players choose how they want to live their life - do you want to go steady, get married, or have kids? If you're new to the game, try playing it out with just six generations then add another ten. This will give you an idea of how the game works and allow you to learn from others' experiences. Try it.

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