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A Dance of Fire and Ice is a very simple game that is a one-button rhythm. This game is probably most famously known for its appearance on the Game Grumps channel when Arin and Danny used it to test each other's reflexes in a battle for the title of Rhythm Master. While this might have been some time ago, the game remains relevant through the years because it can provide new challenges to seasoned players or just offer an easy way to pass some time.


The game starts out with a little background and introduction text. After that comes a gentle warning to keep your eyes on the screen, as accidents can happen. After the words "A Dance of Fire and Ice", click anywhere on the screen where there is no music playing. You will see a planet and alien red-eye, which controls one of the planets. The alien will move along with the music, but it does not matter which planet it starts on or how it ends up there.


The goal of the game is simple; reset the two planets from A to B without knocking either planet off-axis or breaking their equilibrium. This is done by moving towards the red and green circles on either of the planets. The direction you move, or hit at this point, depends on what planet you are controlling. The red planet controls north, while the green controls south. Regardless of which planet controls which direction, it will always be shown in your lower-right corner as a red dot and a green dot respectively. You have three lives to complete this course through music (A), fire (B), and ice (C); if either one ends up off-axis or breaks in some way, all of that attempt's lives are lost and the game restarts from the beginning.

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