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At long last, that dream you dreamt has finally come true. This latest game innovation is here. BeatStar is called the next generation music game. Why did will say next generation? Well, guess you don’t need any equipment for practices, even not need any place for practice. One thing you just need is your phone or tablet. This game is a modern version of the classic rhythm game genre where you can touch your favorite songs in an interactive way that feels like you're actually playing them and not just following along with a scorecard.


This game is designing a user-friendly interface that allows you to play along with your favorite audio tracks and quickly learn how to play the drums, guitar, bass, piano, or any of the other instruments featured in the game. Next came the part of the song. They have got over 40 of them, including popular tracks from Metallica and Blink 182. But they are not stopping there. BeatStar is all about your music library and we'll continue to add new songs on a regular basis. The BeatStar Community will allow you to upload files that other players can then play along with as well as download songs that they want to play with their friends.


One of the things that makes BeatStar so unique is that it doesn't have a scoring system. No more goals to reach, no more time limit to stop the clock. It's just you and your music. Isn't it cool! In this world, none of the people hate kinds of music. Guess you just trying to play the game but it will help you to learn lots of things. If your dream is to be a drummer or guitarist, or a pianist but you never tried, it's my suggestion to try this game. Cool and stylish. 

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