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Are you ready to become a farmer and city manager to build your dream? This simple question has brought people from all over the world to the amazing Township city-builder game. City-building and farming are combined in a unique way in Township! Construct the town you've always wanted! Your factories will process the crops you harvest from the fields and sell them to your town so they can thrive. There is also the possibility of exotic trade. Create restaurants, theaters, and other structures to give your town a unique atmosphere. You can collect animals from every corner of the earth in your own zoo. There’s a lot to do in Township – the opportunities are endless!


This game is the best city-building game on mobile! Which Optimized for tablets & smartphones and also 100% FREE with in-game items. Quick and easy gameplay, suitable for all ages and skill levels 4 different styles of gameplay, including sandbox mode with unlimited resources & tasks to complete. The user interface is absolutely intuitive, allowing you to move around freely and perform the required operations immediately. Each location in your town will be represented by icons that are placed on the map. Tap on them to bring up a description of the location. You can also zoom in or out for a closer look.


Your aim is to gather resources and build a thriving town! To achieve your goals, you need to use your time wisely. Use time efficiently by searching for resources or engaging in work - it will earn you money and reduce the time needed to complete various tasks. In addition, you can increase the efficiency of your hard-working workers by constructing new buildings and facilities that will help them complete their tasks more quickly. Gain access to new buildings with their additional benefits and upgrade existing ones if necessary. The more facilities you build in town, the more money you will earn. Try it and love it!

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