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Take off your shoes and relax. Your house won't be too messy for long because it's about to get a whole lot more fun! Welcome to Fishdom, an all-new free game that will definitely sate your appetite for match-3 fun! Learn new tricks with the adorable fish in this time management marathon. Dive into this underwater world of match-3 fun today.


Playing Fishdom is easy and fun. Click on a group of three or more fish to make them disappear from the tiles. You need to earn big scores based on the number of matching groups you can find and keep an eye out for hidden objects! There will be lots of hidden objects. Try to Levels up for more features and time bonuses for making matches quickly. Get ahead by finding secret objects that will multiply your score. It’s not easy to find out secret objects. Check every place. Inside this game, you are also able to play find out way types game. Color selection game too. The game's graphics are really good. You will feel like an underwater tour... Watch out for those scary fish. They will go to eat up your fish.


Shoot for the stars in special levels and try to beat the clock! Get adventurous and explore a wide variety of new game modes! Earn cool prizes to decorate your fishy paradise. Each time you earn coins you are able to decorate your jar. All items prize is not similar so you just need to earn well to get it all. Last, of all, new features are added explanation of how to beat the level timer to the game guide. Also added four more hidden object levels - added 10 more-time bonuses - new shadow puzzle levels (1-4) are unlocked when you finish level 4 in time trial mode. Try it!

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