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What if you could get lost in a world of color, whimsy, and bizarre surprises? That's what Toon Blast is all about! Help Cooper Cat collect his breakfast, avoid the slobbering Bruno Bear in the forest, or navigate your way through the many challenging levels of this whacky new game. Enjoy loads of levels and puzzles.


Toon Blast is without a doubt one of the most charming 2D puzzle games out there. The blocky and silly art style has been brought to life with a lot of care. Each level is filled with tons of different designs. There are plenty of objects you can use to get rid of blocks and solve puzzles, so there's very little filler in this game. However, you can use the coins as well to speed things up a bit if you're stuck.


Even though this game is very short, it has lots of replay value since it's basically one game divided into different levels. There are a few unlockable that make the whole experience more enjoyable if you want to play it again after completing the game for the first time. The storyline is pleasingly simple but still interesting and fun. The characters are amusing too, and the funny dialogues can be used for tons of laughs.


A new kind of block-pushing puzzle game takes players on a journey to save Toon Land from a tornado-like cloud that steals everything in its path. The player must help Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf, Bruno Bear, and Balthazar find their way to Toon Town before the Tornado Cloud destroys all life. Toons that have been moved or rotated will return to their original position or angle when clicked again. Press A+B to merge two single blocks into a new block of the same color. The overall world has some nice twists and surprises. If you're into puzzle games you should really check this one out, you won't regret it!

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