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Are you looking for a method to make your home more unique? Whether you want your living room to look more like an art gallery or that classic ‘70s living room. Want to looks how will be your room look like if its different color or furniture’s. The game is for you! Though there are lots of game available on market but don’t know which are pick then just trust me and try this game. This game is with end-to-end instructions, this game will help you pick a color palette and create a design plan. Once complete, it will walk you through making goodies such as paint colors and patterns. Design My Home is available to play with your friends and allows bragging rights as well as cash prizes.


In Design My Home, you get to decide what you want to look like and use your imagination to make it happen. First, you pick a room of your home that you want to recreate. Then, you are presented with a color palette full of ideas. These can be as basic as two colors for the walls or as complex as alternating paint schemes for furniture in each room. Once you choose a color palette from the 13 options, this will be applied to the space on your home's design plan. At this point, you can go on to decorate the space. You can either use the pre-set room furniture or design your own items by selecting from a selection of patterns, fabrics and colors.


Once that is done, you will have to create wall art and flooring designs. Eventually, you will have a functional room! Upon completion of the makeover, players are able to post photos of their finished spaces on there social account and potentially win cash prizes for their efforts in the process.

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