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SpongeBob was no stranger to puzzles, but this one was a bit more bizarre than he expected. His best friend Patrick’s favorite game is Squids for Slides, an endless sliding physics-based platformer. In it, you control SpongeBob and Patrick as they slide down an ever-growing staircase made of ice cream cones. SpongeBob slides at the speed of light while Patrick slides slowly. The goal is to collect all the golden stars on each level before it crashes into the ocean where Squidward waits with a smug smile on his face.


The puzzle theme is a bit different from what you are used to on the show, but that was the point. The objective was to get SpongeBob and Patrick to reach the bottom within a time limit since only one can make it at a time. So where leave them means actually? Well, first of all, there is an ice cream cone wall that Patrick can't jump over and SpongeBob can't climb. Also, there are several gaps and blocks he can't jump over because when he jumps his helmet keeps him from being able to move his head forward.


As soon as, the game starts as soon as you tap on the play button and balls start to fall from the sky onto the staircase. You need to jump them over with both characters and for Patrick, that means tapping on him, then swiping up to jump. For SpongeBob though, you must lightly tap on him and then quickly swipe up. finally, when you run out of time for a level and tap on the play button again, it doesn't reset, so you can only do so one level at a time until your time runs out, and then it's back to the very beginning. So careful and play focus.

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