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Doctor the patients and create your own clinic to heal patients and earn money for modern hospital upgrades! This entertaining time management game offers a fun way for players of all ages to learn about health care systems through the skills of managing hospitals. In this free simulation game that features simple controls and minimal instructions, players take on the role of running their own free clinic. Setting up a free clinic is simple to start. The game doesn’t over-complicate things, but it does require the player to understand some of the very basics, such as how to manage cash flow and how to attract patients. Some tasks are also only relevant when you have completed certain goals, so it is important that you follow the storyline and consult previous levels in order to understand the terms that are used.


At the start of the game, you can choose between two clinics: one normal clinic and one specialized clinic. You can choose to play the free clinic or you can also upgrade your clinic starting with emergency rooms and then moving on to an ambulance and lab. Alternatively, if you prefer a more professional medical environment, you can choose between 3 other customized clinics; starting with an emergency clinic, then a traditional clinic, and finally a specialized hospital.


The levels are fun to play because they offer different challenges that must be overcome. Some levels require you to use a certain number of beds, which is not as easy as it sounds. You also have to keep the clinic running otherwise your patients will get sick and leave! The challenges present in this game are actually quite challenging and will require some strategy in order to succeed. For example, on the first level, you need to save 30 patients in one day; which is a tough task because you can only move five at a time and each step costs money. If you lose even 1 patient, you are out of the challenge. So careful and enjoy!!

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