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Flipline Studios is an award-winning developer of mobile games for fans of all ages. Filling the seats at a sporting event just got easier than ever before. With the new Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go, players will be able to keep their fingers poised on touchscreen controls as they put their own personal spin on serving juicy hot dogs and hard-to-find stadium favorites. Seasonal favorites from all around the world will fill your menu, ranging from Mexican tacos to Italian spaghetti.


The new game is simple to pick up and difficult to put down, with gameplay that's been reinvented for smaller screens on phones and tablets while still offering an all-new way of serving stadium favorites that never disappoint. A rotating cast of characters will bounce in and out at each event, offering up a wide range of personality-driven dialogue throughout the game's 10 unique levels. Players will also be able to groom their hot dogs with new accessories, recipes, and more.


The more you play the more you fall in love with it. You are just starting them one by one customers will start coming. Their selection is also different. After you prepare their described hot dog when you serve them, they will give you points. Sometimes they want to add soda and popcorn too. Sometimes lots of customers will come together. You need to handle them too. On the other side while playing all the sounds are good, during play you feel like real.


"With the Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go, they took the popular gameplay from past titles and scaled it down for smaller screens on phones and tablets, allowing you to serve hot dogs quickly and easily. This new game will also have gameplay with a little bit of mystery, where players uncover more as they play. Overall I like it while playing.

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