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The Papa's Pastaria Go! the app allows you to take your favorite Italian restaurant on the road with you. You choose your own adventure by wandering around town and picking up ingredients to serve at tables. You can even pick up recipes for popular dishes like lasagna and eggplant parmesan to try at home later. You might want to dress up as a chef or wear an explorer hat if you're on a quest for ingredients.


It's a cool California day in the spring, and this is your training session. The tutorial has you starting out with one table at the restaurant and a handful of customers who are ready to eat. Each customer orders a spaghetti dish, and it's up to you to serve them quickly before they get angry and leave in disgust. You have a case full of spaghetti ingredients like marinara sauce, ground beef, and mushrooms that you drag to the order ticket or put into the pot on your stove. When you're done cooking, click the order ticket to serve the dish and drag a fork over to the customer's mouth. If they're happy, they'll bring back their dirty dishes for a refill and give you a few coins in appreciation. If you take too long to serve them, though, they'll get angry and leave before you can even get a chance to make them another plate of spaghetti.


After successfully serving all of your customers, you earn enough money for a cooking upgrade: two new pots on your stove instead of just one! As soon as you put your first two pots on the stove, somebody from far-off lands comes into town looking for more spaghetti. This game is super easy to play and is the perfect game for anyone who loves the food or the restaurant business.

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