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If you’ve spent any time playing Flipline games, you know that their graphics are top quality. However, the firm has now shifted its focus to mobile games, creating a new one called "Papa's Taco Mia To Go." It is available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play. The good thing is they have free versions. There is no limit to how many times you can play the game either. The game takes place in an unnamed Mexican town: In the game, you will be helping someone name his daughter as he goes about with his restaurant business, as well as helping him find missing food ingredients.


The game has two different modes which are “Easy” and “Hard”. Those modes are totally different. Those who are new for those I recommend try to play easy mode. This will help you to understand the basic concept of this game. After you master this then you can switch to hard mode. But in the beginning, it's not a good idea to select hard mode. You are given 500 points to begin each game, and get another 100 every time you beat a level. If you lose, that 500 is gone completely! But there are also gems to collect in-between levels. The game has a lot of potentials, but I feel like there is room for improvement. The graphics leave something to be desired but the story was pretty good. There was also a lot of room for more levels and features that can be added in the future. The potential to be a good game, but it needs some work before becoming great.


Overall I like the concept of flipline making mobile papa's games for when flash died, but they could have done better by adding more characters and a more challenging level. Enjoy!

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