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Do you love to make something? In this game, you mix the ingredients, fry them in an oil pot, and then decorate and sprinkle them with a variety of toppings. When your customer arrives to pick up their order, you’ll have to remember which donut is theirs so that you can hand it over along with a cup of coffee or milk. You can even rename the customers who come in!


You’ll need to put together the ingredients for each donut in order to make them. When you're ready, head to your kitchen and give the ingredients a good mix. Then once they're mixed up, it's time to make some donuts! Put all of your ingredients into the oil pot and heat it up on high. While your oil is heating up, prepare your donut tray. You can choose to make regular-sized donuts, or you can make mini donuts as well! Once the oil is hot, crack open an egg and drop it straight into the pot! Be careful not to burn yourself -- this game definitely gets a little messy. After you've dropped all of your ingredients in and mixed them up, you want to wait for them to cook. Use the timer so that you know when exactly they're ready! But be careful not to overcook them – if they're cooked too long, they'll fall apart when you pour more ingredients into the pot.


Once the donuts have cooked for a few minutes, put them on your donut tray. Then you’ve just got to wait for your customer to arrive. And when she does, hand her the donuts and drink in her reaction! At first, it's going to be awkward -- maybe even hot and bothered -- but as soon as you hand them their donut, they'll smile and thank you one after another. Wish you will love it like me.

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