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What would you do if you were given a chance to completely overhaul someone else's wardrobe, hairstyle, and more? This is the premise of the Project Makeover game. It’s totally different game. Till now you have played makeover games but this is totally different from others. Pretend to be a stylist for one day and get your hands dirty in the makeover game! Fashionable clothes, beautiful hairstyles, and adorable makeup await anyone willing to help their clients achieve their dreams. Choose from different locations such as New York or Paris for fashion-driven storylines that keep things lively. Deal with dramatic characters like egotistical fashion icons (and their assistants), scheming clients with no taste whatsoever, or stubborn customers who need a new look. Follow threads of fashion and find the perfect look for your client! Sounds look cool right?...


The game features are totally a free-to-play demo for those who are interested, though the full version of this game is required to purchase items and unlock certain content that is not too expensive. The number of time players spends on the free version is entirely dependent on their own tastes, however. If you like what you see in the demo (which takes less than an hour to complete), then there's no compelling reason to purchase the full version. If you can't get enough of the game, however, then the upgrade is worth it. Yap, trust me after you upgrade it all the new features are incredible and beautiful.  


Overall, Project Makeover is a fun game with a cute theme. Anyone interested in fashion would find this game enjoyable. The visuals are well made and the designs are creative, as are some of the challenges. A fun way to get diamonds is in fashion crime cases. So, go for it!!! Don’t miss it!

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