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For all of you who have ever dreamed of owning a pizza joint, your dream has come true! We know when we're hungry, but sometimes our schedules just get the best of us. In our present life who doesn't like eating pizza. And you are going to make it by playing games. This all-new version of the famous restaurant simulator has revised gameplay and controls reinvented for smaller displays. In fact, you can take your iPad or another touchscreen device on the go with you - no matter what size pizza toppings you choose to order! When you using phone, it automatically adjusts on your screen. On the other hand, its visualizing effects, sounds, and graphics are really of out words actually. They update all the features with new moods and new styles.    


To make things even easier for us and even more delicious for us too - they have given this game a total makeover. Yes! It’s true. Its menu has been edited completely new style and new items and also streamlined, with only pizzas that are made from scratch available. You are the total planner inside this game. So, what does this mean total planner? Well, inside this game your choices for toppings, though, are unfettered. With three tiers of pizzas to choose from and more than 15 delicious varieties to mix and match, you'll want to try them all!


What you need to only follow the game's new recipe, Papa now also makes a few special pizzas that let you customize your own. Feel free to try your hand at making the garlic knots and pepperoni-and-mushrooms pizza. By the way during playing games, you also earn points. And they help you to upgrade your game levels. This means you will enjoy full playtime. Enjoy!!

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