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It's an amazing game for those who love to imagine all of their own possible endings to different scenarios in life and have them develop into something beautiful, especially if you're not one for romance. One thing that stood out as soon as I started up the game was the fact that they introduced a new character: Teddy, and I enjoyed learning more about him. At the beginning of each day, you finish preparing your restaurant, depending on what you have collected at the end of your previous shift.


There are 6 stages of preparing a restaurant, each with its own story and ending. You then go to your office before you start your day at work, where you can check your sales and see what the other characters have said about you. You can check this out in the morning or afternoon. I recommend looking at the morning messages first because that's how things start off in the game. Throughout the shift, Teddy will call or text you between shifts asking if he can come over and help out your restaurant somehow. He's only interested in helping out when he has nowhere to go through!


Players will also be able to learn more about Teddy as they play through his storyline, which amazingly tells a story about his life before joining your restaurant. After each day, you can spend some time in your restaurant and then go back to Teddy's apartment to learn more about him and see what he was up to. You can also ask him questions about either himself or his life. You will always end up talking about some sort of love interest in one of the conversations, so you will have to decide on boy-girl relationships and if they get together right before you leave for home. While I was playing through this game, I found it funny how they updated the character images that appear next to each name whenever their name is called during a conversation. Check yourself during play.

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