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To satisfy avid fans, Disney Frozen Adventures was born as a 3D match-3 puzzle game. But it's packed with many features. In a match-3 game, players can match pieces on the board to create combinations. It's very interesting. But in addition to solving match-3 puzzles, players can also decorate rooms in Arendelle's castle as if they were in that room. By creating an immersive perspective for the character, players will be able to see everything they've decorated from eye level and pan around to see everything they've placed.


In Disney Frozen Adventures, players take on the role of royal event planners, tasked with beautifying Allendale Castle in preparation for an exciting dance party, using the traditional match-3 approach. Players need to complete tasks to repair a castle. For each board the player successfully completes, the player collects snowflakes, a currency used for castle repair and decoration.


When players unlock and place decorations in various rooms of the venue in Disney Frozen Adventures, players are often prompted to choose different types and colors to use. The game allows players the freedom to create unique looks that suit your preferences. As the player continues to decorate and beautify the place, the player's adventure in Arendale will take the player to a number of castle rooms. From the main castle entrance bridge to the lobby, and even the Royal Chocolate Shop. At the same time, players must decorate each room. Players can even share your creations via screenshots after you've finished decorating part of your castle.


Disney Frozen Adventures takes beloved characters Elsa, Anna, and Olaf on a whole new journey, allowing players to design and explore the world of Arendelle while pushing the boundaries of game design to create one-of-a-kind adventures. Whether you're a match-3 gamer or a Disney Frozen Adventures fan, this game is worth downloading.

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