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My name is Emma, and I am an international student studying for a Master's in International Management. Worked in an advertising company affiliated with a local TV station and served as an advertising planner. Mobile games and sports are all my fun and hobbies in my free time. Of all types of mobile games, I love Parkour, strategy and makeup & dress-up games. I've been playing mobile games for seven years, and as a result, have great insights into many of the best-selling games. I also became an amateur game reviewer. In order to find a more interesting game and play it to the extreme technology and get the best experience, I will conduct in-depth research and analysis of the games I am interested in. I am very willing to share these experiences and happiness with more players who like games or newcomers who want to find good games. Especially for online mobile games, happiness alone is not as good as everyone's happiness. When more people are interested in good games and have better game technology, the game will be further improved and developed. Games are fun because of the player.


When it comes to game reviews, I'll find some of the best-selling and most popular games of a certain genre. I focus on the introduction and analysis of the gameplay of these games and the player's experience. This will more intuitively express the value of these games and will allow players to clearly understand whether this is a game they are interested in. At the same time, I will deeply analyze the skills and characteristics of the game operation. It's similar to helping other players find a game's cheats or tricks to overcome difficulties. This is the reason why many gamers, including me, love mobile games so much. Secondly, I will test the controls and game interface of the game because this is the basis of the game experience. A good game must have streamlined, intuitive, and constantly updated game controls, and a smooth, clear game interface. I will also combine the evaluation and experience of other players. This will better help other players to have a more comprehensive and objective understanding of the game I am reviewing. Finally, I will summarize and list the advantages and disadvantages of the game in concise language, so that players can easily find the advantages of the game they are playing and understand the shortcomings of the game in advance to avoid bad experiences in the game in time.


The game is a rapidly updated product, and there will always be content and fun that I can keep exploring and excavating along the way. I am willing to share valuable experiences in the game intuitively with the same gamers. I also like to learn new experiences and tricks from other players. If you have any opinions and questions about the game, please actively leave a message for me. In communication, we will collide with more interesting things. I look forward to working with all players to make the mobile gaming world richer and more exciting.



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