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My name is Ivy, I'm a sports reporter by profession, and I'm also a mother with two children, a 9-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son. In my spare time from work and childcare, I like to relax by playing mobile games or listening to music. I love mobile games because they are convenient and fun. It's easy for me to throw myself into the game I love. In the past, I really enjoyed playing casual games. Later, thinking about having this fun time with my kids, I started paying attention to and trying out mobile games for kids, so I often play role-playing and virtual pet games with my kids.


To find children's games for my children that are suitable for them and stimulate their curiosity and imagination, I began to search and research great games with educational significance. To help more kids and parents who want or like to play mobile games, I started my journey as a game reviewer. From a parent's point of view, I will test and analyze games suitable for children of different ages. As a parent, the safety of the game is my first consideration, including the possibility of chatting with strangers, children's privacy issues, whether the game content involves violence, pornography and gambling and other bad information, and the payment of the game. Secondly, it is to analyze the applicability, interest, and educational significance of the game to children. Because this is the primary value and purpose of parents choosing a game for their children when the security and privacy of the game can be guaranteed. I understand that every parent wants their children to grow, think and learn in joy and happiness. Therefore, I will use this as the main analysis direction of my game evaluation. I will summarize the functions, gameplay, features, advantages, and disadvantages of different types of games from the perspective of children playing games, as well as the applicability of the game's interface design, music and graphics to children.


Because I enjoy playing time with children, in order to bring them a more meaningful and fun experience, I am very keen on trying and evaluating children's games. I also hope to share my assessment content and results with more families and allow more parents and children to benefit from great mobile games. For parents who are concerned about mobile games, please feel free to leave a comment if you have questions and thoughts about playing games for your kids. I would love to discuss this with you and work through the issues facing parents.



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