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Hi! I'm Lydia, a student at Fordham University. My major is Science in Economics, and I spend my days working with courses of Computational Finance, Game Theory, Statistical Decision Making. Yes, it sounds boring, but it doesn't stop me from being an avid gamer. It is no exaggeration to say that apart from attending classes and completing homework, my extracurricular life is filled with games. I enjoy and love to explore different types of games, and in the process, I have made many like-minded friends. We often play and discuss games together, and gradually I find this process of communication and sharing very interesting. In-depth analysis and research of games can not only optimize the game experience but even understand the design intentions of the game developers, which always excites me! So I started writing game reviews to share my experience and insights with more game lovers and communicate with more gamers and explore the mysteries of games together. 

Of all the games I've come across, the most interesting are Building, Music, Design and Makeover games. Building games are my favorite, they tend to put more initiative in the hands of the player and have unlimited content to explore, so the player never gets bored. The most important thing is that everything in the game comes from the player's efforts and can be constantly improved, which gives the game a soul. Music games are the games I play most often to pass the time because it allows you to get the best gaming experience in a short time, follow the music to complete a series of operations, and enjoy the feeling of the notes beating at your fingertips. Finally, the charm of the Design and Makeover game is that you can become a free and bold designer there. I think every girl must have a design dream, where you do not need to worry about anything, just boldly put your design ideas into practice, the only limit is your imagination!

In the future, you can learn more about my views on the game through my reviews, and I will also share my gaming experience and some tips with you. As for the reviews, I am willing to try different styles, and I am happy to share my most realistic thoughts about the games with you. At the same time, I will also recommend some nice games to you. I hope my reviews and recommendations will be helpful to you and welcome you to communicate with me actively!



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