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DOP Fun: Delete One Part

Size : 349 MB
Version: 1.4
Updated: Mar 7, 2024
Size : 349 MB
Version: 1.6
Updated: Mar 8, 2024

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

DOP Fun: Delete One Part is a puzzle game developed by ABI Game Studio. The game has attracted a large number of players with its simple and fun gameplay. Players need to remove unnecessary elements from the screen to complete the level, challenging their powers of observation and logical thinking. Here's a detailed review of DOP Fun.


First of all, DOP Fun's graphics are clean and crisp, and the colors are harmonious. Each level in the game has a unique background and elements, giving people a fresh and pleasant feeling. And, the object design in the game is also very cute and in line with the overall style. Also, the screen operation of the game is very simple, only need to swipe with your finger to delete unnecessary elements, so that the game runs smoothly on the mobile screen, and gives the player a good operating experience.


In addition, DOP Fun's games have a certain educational significance. The game requires the player to remove useless elements from the screen through observation, logical reasoning, and judgment. This not only enriches the player's powers of observation and logical thinking, but also cultivates the player's attention and concentration. For children, the game is also a good intellectual development tool to exercise their brains in the game.


However, DOP Fun does have some room for improvement. First of all, the game has a relatively small number of levels, resulting in a somewhat limited playability. As players continue to improve, they may be eager to have more levels to challenge themselves. Secondly, advertisements in the game are too frequent, and advertisements often appear after completing a level, which brings certain problems to players. It is hoped that developers can appropriately reduce the frequency of ads to improve the game experience of players.


Overall, DOP Fun: Delete One Part is a simple and fun puzzle game. The game picture is fresh, the operation is simple and smooth, the level design is clever, the sound effect is excellent, and it has a certain educational significance. While there is some room for improvement, overall, DOP Fun is still a very worthwhile game to play. For those who like puzzle games, this game will bring pleasant challenges and fun, come and give it a try!


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15 March, 2024

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

"DOP Fun: Delete One Part" is an innovative puzzle game designed to solve puzzles by eliminating certain parts of the image, testing the player's logical thinking and observation skills. The game design is unique, and the simple erasing action is integrated into the puzzle solving process, which brings a novel game experience for players. Here is a detailed review of the game.


First of all, the game's core mechanics are fairly simple and intuitive. In each level, the player is presented with a static scene or image, the game presents a question or objective, and the player needs to reveal hidden information or accomplish a task by wiping parts of the screen with his finger. This gameplay refreshes the concept of traditional puzzle games, where players are no longer limited to finding hidden items or piecing together pieces, but can "talk" directly to the problem and solve the puzzle through intuitive actions.


In addition, the sound design in the game is very good. The background music is light and pleasant, and the sound feedback is suitable, adding fun to the player's interaction. Although the music and sound effects are not the main selling points of the game, they are properly combined and designed to enhance the overall game experience.


However, the game also has some shortcomings. As the number of levels increases, some players may feel that certain puzzles lack novelty or become repetitive, especially for high-end players looking for a constant challenge, and the difficulty of the game may not increase enough. In addition, due to the game's simplicity and intuition, some players may be able to beat it quickly, which limits the long-term appeal of the game.


Overall evaluation, "DOP Fun: Delete One Part" is an innovative puzzle game, with its strong interactive, easy to operate and interesting puzzle design, has become a highlight of the puzzle game. There is still room for improvement, such as adding more varied levels and introducing more incentive and achievement systems, but overall, it provides a fun and challenging world for many players. For those who enjoy solving puzzles and want to practice their logical thinking skills, "DOP Fun: Delete One Part" is worth a try.


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15 March, 2024

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

DOP Fun: Delete One Part is a creative puzzle game. The game has attracted many players with its simple operation and interesting level design. Players need to solve puzzles in each level by removing a section. Here's a detailed review of DOP Fun: Delete One Part.


First, the game mechanics of DOP Fun: Delete One Part are pretty straightforward. In each level, the player is faced with a seemingly unsolvable puzzle, such as a stuck item, an unbalanced structure, or an obstacle blocking passage. The player's task is to find the right piece and remove it in order to solve the puzzle and make the level pass smoothly. This simple and intuitive way to operate makes the game suitable for players of all ages.


Furthermore, the graphics and sound of DOP Fun: Delete One Part are excellent. The game uses a simple cartoon style, bright colors, and delicate and lovely scene design. The characters and props have lovely designs that give people a pleasant feeling. In addition, the sound effects of the game are also very funny and interesting, adding to the fun and interactive nature of the game. Whether it is removing a section or solving a puzzle, it is accompanied by cheerful sound effects, allowing the player to enjoy a pleasant experience in the game.


But, DOP Fun: Delete One Part is a moderately difficult game. In the beginning, the game's levels are relatively simple, and players can quickly learn and feel a sense of accomplishment. As the game progresses, the difficulty of the levels increases, requiring the player to use his brain and try more. However, the game does offer a hint feature, where players can use items to get hints about parts to delete, helping players solve puzzles. This balanced difficulty design makes the game challenging, but at the same time not too frustrating for the player.


Overall, DOP Fun: Delete One Part is a creative and fun puzzle game for players who like to use their brains and find solutions. Despite some shortcomings, the game's simple controls, interesting levels, and beautiful graphics still make it a game worth trying. Whether in your leisure time or when you're looking for a challenge, DOP Fun: Delete One Part provides an enjoyable gaming experience.


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15 March, 2024

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

DOP Fun: Delete One Part, this game can be a little confusing on first contact. Its unique gameplay and title setup make the player feel confused at first. But it is this unique gameplay that makes this game stand out among many puzzle games and become a work worthy of in-depth experience. 


First, let's talk about the theme of the game. The theme of DOP Fun: Delete One Part is very interesting, and it requires players to find clues in various scenes and solve puzzles by deleting certain parts. This theme is not only creative, but also brings great challenges to the players in the actual game process.


In terms of the game's design, DOP Fun: Delete One Part does an excellent job. Each level is so cleverly designed that players need to think and observe carefully to find the right clues. And, the clues in the game are often very hidden, which makes the player need to explore and try again to find the right answer. This design approach not only increases the difficulty of the game, but also makes the game more interesting and challenging.


In addition, the sound effects and graphics of DOP Fun: Delete One Part are also among its highlights. The sound effects of the game are excellent, and every action and clue has a corresponding sound effect, making the game more lively and interesting. The picture of the game is also very beautiful, each scene is designed very detailed, players can feel a very real scene and atmosphere in the game.


Of course, no game can be perfect, and DOP Fun: Delete One Part is no exception. First, the difficulty of the game may be too high for some players, which makes them feel confused and frustrated during the game. Second, the language of the game may be difficult for some non-native English speakers, which may affect their gaming experience.


But, despite a few hiccups, the game is still a very good game. Its creativity and design are excellent, and it also provides enough challenge and fun to make the game a very good experience. If you like puzzle games, then DOP Fun: Delete One Part is definitely worth a try.


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15 March, 2024


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