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Beatstar - Touch Your Music

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Updated: Oct 24, 2022
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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Officially released in 2020, Beatstar is a music game developed by UK-based game developer Space Ape Games. Touch your favorite music by tapping and swiping every note to win and try to catch every beat. Focus on the music and follow the rhythm to move your finger. Songs are not just instrumental music but hot songs with beautiful vocals that are hit today so players will feel easier to catch the note if they are familiar with the song. The game has a big inventory of songs, and the developer has kept adding new songs to it. Songs are from different genres, and one amazing thing about this game is that players can decide the genres of songs that they will play next. Collect cards to unlock more songs from your favorite genres no matter it is pop or alternative or rock. Players can also create a list of their favorite music and the songs they will meet next are partially affected by the list and this is unusual in music games. No worry if you are not familiar with the song that you are playing, there are five different levels from easy to difficult, and players will pass them one by one. Practice on easy mode and get more skillful when difficult mode. Easy mode is friendly to start, and difficult mode is still very fair to play. Most of the songs in the game last as long as two minutes meaning that the game will end before players get tired of moving fingers through the same song.    


The game is also a great social platform as players are allowed to share new music with friends and encourage them to beat their scores. Never feel alone playing the game as players can play challenges and climb all the way up on the leaderboard and compete with players from all over the world.

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2 April, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Beatstar is a mobile rhythm game published by Space Ape. It's a game with easy-to-master gameplay and a smooth progression of difficulty. The player's task is to tap the square music blocks in the game in time with the music. Points are also awarded when the player does not hit them accurately. However, the player completely misses a square piece of music and the challenge for that level of the game is over. Players need to continue the game by spending gems.


Beatstar has playlists tailored to preferred age groups and musical eras, so players of all kinds can find a rhythm they like. Three vertical music bars in the game stretch the length of the phone's display. As the square music tiles slide towards the player from the top of the screen, the player must tap or swipe them precisely when the square music tiles overlap your bottom line. The closer the player's square music block is to the center of the Perfect bar, the higher the player's score.


If the player misses a square music block completely, the player's music stops on its track. The player then needs to pay gems to redo that part of the song. If the player chooses to pay, the player has a new chance to hit that sound square music block correctly. Players should remember that every time you miss a square music block, the cost of retrying increases, which means more gems to be invested. Therefore, the precision with which the player clicks the square music blocks is crucial to the completion of the game.


Overall, Beatstar is a game that plays and sounds great. The game screen is smooth and professional, and the types of songs in the game are very rich. The game has a particularly nice touch. Its background and notes will also be very bright. If you like music rhythm games. This Beatstar is a game that players should not miss.

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9 February, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from US )

Beatstar is a beat game about the rhythm of the music. It was released by Space Ape. This game creates a more realistic music rhythm atmosphere for players by using unique features. For kids who love music and rhythm. Especially for children whose main motivation for playing rhythm games is to play along with their favorite songs, then Beatstar is an especially good choice. It has many music genres, including music types from different eras, and the content is very rich. The way the game works is when your kids hear the music and must tap the squares that appear on the phone. The closer a child's block is to the center of the Perfect bar, the higher their score.


Beatstar is a free game. It was mainly created for music lovers. Children will encounter many challenges here. Meanwhile, kids can enjoy their favorite music completely free of charge while playing the game. Even more fun, kids can improve the songs they listen to by adding new beats inside. During the game, kids must tap the beat on their phones. When children see the square with arrows and lines, they need to follow the arrows to complete the operation. Plus, kids can share the music they've created.


Beatstar is so simple that kids don't need to spend much time learning how to tap and swipe to create new beats in the music. The game has no other skills to master. But kids must follow the rhythm. Never miss a beat, no matter how fast or complex the melody gets. Because if the kids miss a beat completely, their concert stops on its track. Then the kids had to pay gems to redo that part of the song. Also, as kids miss more beats, kids spend more of their gems. Therefore, the accuracy of children's click rhythm is crucial to the completion of the game.


The game supports the use of Android and iOS systems. It is the perfect game for kids to become future musicians or music fans. Children can experience and learn the rhythm and street beat when playing, and at the same time, they can understand the songs they have re-created. After a while, kids can master their own skills to beat the rhythm of music and become super music experts. Don't hesitate, download it now for your child.

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5 March, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

At long last, that dream you dreamt has finally come true. This latest game innovation is here. BeatStar is called the next generation music game. Why did will say next generation? Well, guess you don’t need any equipment for practices, even not need any place for practice. One thing you just need is your phone or tablet. This game is a modern version of the classic rhythm game genre where you can touch your favorite songs in an interactive way that feels like you're actually playing them and not just following along with a scorecard.


This game is designing a user-friendly interface that allows you to play along with your favorite audio tracks and quickly learn how to play the drums, guitar, bass, piano, or any of the other instruments featured in the game. Next came the part of the song. They have got over 40 of them, including popular tracks from Metallica and Blink 182. But they are not stopping there. BeatStar is all about your music library and we'll continue to add new songs on a regular basis. The BeatStar Community will allow you to upload files that other players can then play along with as well as download songs that they want to play with their friends.


One of the things that makes BeatStar so unique is that it doesn't have a scoring system. No more goals to reach, no more time limit to stop the clock. It's just you and your music. Isn't it cool! In this world, none of the people hate kinds of music. Guess you just trying to play the game but it will help you to learn lots of things. If your dream is to be a drummer or guitarist, or a pianist but you never tried, it's my suggestion to try this game. Cool and stylish. 

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26 February, 2022


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this is a good game!

2022-08-01 16:10:33
Amiyah Williams    

I like this game it will make me scream 😱 so loud and I love it 🥰 I love me I love ❤️ the game.

2022-07-06 23:04:32
lyla jo cool    

i love the songs and the keys for it

2022-04-10 00:21:13

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