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Delete Puzzle: Brain Games

Size : 289.5 MB
Version: 1.2.4
Updated: Mar 25, 2024
Size : 289.5 MB
Version: 0.1.20
Updated: Mar 20, 2024

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

"Delete Puzzle: Brain Games" is a unique puzzle game developed by Zego Studio. By erasing parts of the drawing with your fingers, the player needs to discover the secrets. The game combines innovative gameplay with intellectual challenge, with engaging puzzles that challenge your powers of observation, logical thinking, and puzzle solving. I'm going to give you a detailed review.


1. Gameplay

"Delete Puzzle: Brain Games" is very simple to play, you just need to swipe your finger across the screen to erase parts of the puzzle. The goal is to reveal the object or information hidden beneath. Each puzzle has a different theme and difficulty, and the challenges gradually increase from easy to difficult. As the puzzle progresses, you will find yourself needing to use your powers of observation, logical thinking, and judgment to solve the problem. Sometimes you need to erase patterns in a specific order, sometimes you need to pay attention to mind shifts, and some puzzles require you to use your imagination flexibly. This mental activity provides an opportunity for your brain to exercise and enhance your concentration and thinking skills.


2. Graphics and sound

The graphics of Delete Puzzle: Brain Games are beautiful and delicate, and each puzzle has a unique artistic style to give people visual enjoyment. The sound is simple and clear, adding a sense of reality to the game.


In summary, "Delete Puzzle: Brain Games" is a creative and challenging puzzle game that allows your brain to exercise and challenge your mind by erasing patterns to reveal hidden secrets. The game's interface is clean and beautiful, the gameplay is simple and easy to use, and hundreds of puzzles and the reward of a sense of accomplishment ensure that the game will be played for a long time. I highly recommend this game to all players who love puzzles and intellectual challenges, giving your brain a full workout while enjoying the fun and satisfaction of the game.


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29 March, 2024

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Delete Puzzle: Brain Games is an educational and enjoyable puzzle game developed by Zego Studio. This game has attracted the attention of many players with its unique game setting, which not only tests the player's logical thinking ability, but also challenges the player's finger flexibility and strength control during the game.


In terms of screen performance, the game adopts a simple but warm art style, bright colors and cartoon elements, which is very suitable for players of all ages. Even in difficult puzzles, this visual style can alleviate the player's frustration to some extent and keep the game interesting.


The design of the puzzles is full of creativity, covering a variety of types such as shape matching, hidden items finding, logical reasoning, and so on, and the difficulty level is gradually increasing. The initial level is relatively simple to help novice players quickly pick up, and as the game progresses, the puzzles become more and more complex, requiring careful observation, thinking and trying, which not only tests the player's patience, but also effectively exercises the player's problem-solving ability.


In terms of sound effects, the game provides a relaxed and pleasant background music and realistic erase sound effects, which enhances the player's immersion and relieves the tension of understanding the puzzle to some extent. However, it is worth mentioning that although the sound effect is suitable, it may appear monotonous and repetitive after a long time of play, and future updates can consider adding more kinds of music and sound effects to improve the diversity of the game.


Delete Puzzle: Brain Games' gameplay, while unique, is not without its flaws. For example, since the game mainly relies on touch operation, the touch screen reactivity requirements are high, if the player uses the device touch sensitivity is not enough, it may affect the game experience. In addition, the solution of some levels is a little mechanical or simple, and a long game can cause fatigue.


To conclude, Zego Studio's Delete Puzzle: Brain Games stands out among other puzzle games, not only offering innovative gameplay, but also colorful puzzle design. Although the game still has room for improvement, it is already a casual puzzle game well worth trying. Whether it is to kill time or exercise the brain, this game can be a good choice for players.


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29 March, 2024

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Delete Puzzle: Brain Games is an innovative puzzle game developed by Zego Studio. In this game, players need to use the power of their fingers to erase parts of the drawing to reveal the secrets hidden beneath. Now, I'm going to give you a review of Delete Puzzle: Brain Games.


The gameplay of the game is fairly simple, players only need to use their fingers to wipe on the screen. The force and speed of the wipe will affect the effect of the painting, and the player needs to adjust the strength of the finger according to the prompt and intuition to achieve the best erase effect. This is intuitive and fun, making the player feel as if they are revealing hidden secrets with their own hands.


Delete Puzzle: Brain Games offers multiple levels and puzzles, each with different drawings and hidden content. The player is required to solve the puzzle by wiping and revealing the secret beneath the drawing. Puzzles are cleverly designed and challenging, requiring the player to use logical thinking and observation to find the right path and force to wipe. The game gradually increases in difficulty, from simple patterns to complex drawings, providing the player with a lasting challenge and fun.


In terms of graphics and sound, Delete Puzzle: Brain Games provides clean and beautiful visuals. The drawings are meticulously drawn, and each level has a unique style and theme. As the player wipes, the drawing gradually reveals itself, giving the satisfaction of gradually unraveling the mystery. The game is also equipped with background music and sound effects suitable for the game atmosphere, creating a pleasant game experience for players.


In summary, Delete Puzzle: Brain Games is an innovative and fun puzzle game. Its unique finger manipulation and drawing reveal mechanics that bring freshness and challenge to the player. Beautiful graphics and sound effects add to the immersion, while diverse puzzles and additional challenge modes add to the fun and playability of the game. If you like to challenge your powers of observation and logical thinking, Delete Puzzle: Brain Games is a game worth trying. Whether in your leisure time or when you are looking for a game experience, this game will give you fun and challenge.


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29 March, 2024

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Delete Puzzle: Brain Games, developed by Zego Studio, is an innovative puzzle game. The core mechanic of the game is to use the player's finger power to erase parts of the drawing, thereby revealing the secrets hidden underneath. This unique setting provides players with a new and challenging gameplay experience.


First of all, the game's graphics are excellent. Each picture is beautifully designed and detailed, and the color match is harmonious, which brings great visual enjoyment to the players. At the same time, the secret pattern hidden below is also full of surprises, so the player is full of anticipation in the process of erasing the drawing.


In terms of gameplay, Delete Puzzle: Brain Games is equally impressive. The game is easy to get started with simple touch operation. However, as the level progresses, the difficulty increases, requiring the player to control the force and direction of their fingers more precisely. This set from easy to difficult ensures that novice players can get started quickly, and meets the needs of experienced players for the challenge.


In addition, the game also has a rich-level setting and a variety of secret patterns. Each level has its unique way of solving puzzles so that players can continue to discover new fun in the game. At the same time, the secret pattern hidden below is also full of creativity, so that players can solve the puzzle at the same time, but also feel the ingenuity of the development team.


However, the game also has some shortcomings. For example, in some levels, the complexity of the drawing may make it difficult for the player to erase the drawing. In addition, the game's prompt system is relatively weak, and when the player encounters difficulties, it may take a long time to find a solution.


In brief, Delete Puzzle: Brain Games is an excellent puzzle game. With its unique gameplay, beautiful graphics, and rich-level Settings, it brings players a challenging and fun game experience. Although the game has some shortcomings, I believe that with the update of the subsequent version, these problems will be solved.


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29 March, 2024


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