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Version: 2.48.1
Updated: Nov 16, 2022
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Version: 2.48.1
Updated: Nov 17, 2022

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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Do you love sporting games? The Golf Clash is a good choice for you. As we know, playing golf could relax your body and mind. And it also can cultivate your patience. So if you are irritable and impatient, you can play more golf to relax your mind. However, you may have no time to the golf course and it may cost your time and money. If you are busy and want to play golf to relax, then the Golf Clash could meet your demands.


It’s a mobile game, and you can compete in tournaments, enjoy beautiful and different courses and play against players around the world. It’s a 1v1 golf game. And you can play with your Facebook friends. In Golf Clash, you have the purpose of being the Golf Clash King. In order to achieve this, you need to upgrade your clubs and unlock tours when mastering golfing skills. For its environment, it provides dozens of golf courses and new courses will be added every month. You can enjoy the fresh and beautiful course as you like. What’s more, the Golf Clash will save and share replays of your jaw-dropping shot, which can show off your golfing prowess and record your amazing skills. In addition, you can interact with your opponents with chat and emoji, which is an interesting function for you and your friends.


When you feel under pressure and have no time to release it, the Golf Clash will welcome you. At this game, you can enjoy the beautiful course and start a quick-fire 1v1 real-time gameplay with your friends, which can relax you without the time limitation. Besides, as for girls, they can know related knowledge about golf and cultivate their patience. When mastering the golfing skills, you will feel you are more patient than before.

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26 February, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Golf Clash is a free golf simulation game published by UK studio Playdemic. In the game, players will compete for 1v1 against real players from the web in a real-time turn-based golf match of approximately 4-5 minutes. Players can also tee off with their friends. The game requires players to line up to hit the ball and adjust the launch force according to the wind direction of the game. The player then chooses a ball and club to tee off, and the player who puts the ball into the hole fewer times wins.


In the match-up mode with online players, players are assigned an unfamiliar opponent. Once players have mastered their golf skills, players can test their skills by competing against other players in online tournaments. When the player wins, the opponent player will throw a certain amount of gold coins into your pot. Golf clubs and golf balls can be purchased with these coins and upgraded to premium styles. Players can earn trophies by playing on the tour they are on. Players can unlock more tournaments by winning trophies. The game is such a round-robin approach that allows players to enjoy the excitement while improving their skills and earning rewards. Additionally, player win in the tournaments and golf tours help you rank against your friends and other players on the leaderboards.


After winning the game, in addition to gold coins and trophies, players will also receive a treasure chest. The chests are filled with gems, gold, and cards that players can also use to upgrade their golf clubs and ball library. If players have collected enough cards for a particular club, they can be combined to upgrade your club. This is a very attractive bonus mode for players.


Overall, Golf Clash is a fun and good game. For golf game lovers, this is a good game not to be missed. The control of the game is smooth, and the picture is very clear and cool. Don't hesitate to download this golf simulation game now.

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24 February, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Golf Clash is a game that allows your kids to quickly enjoy golf. The game offers an easy-to-learn shooting system for kids and some simple 1-on-1 operations. In the game, your kids can quickly get into a match against another real player. Of course, you can also play with your kids. The game requires your kids to take turns shooting/the goal of the game is to get the ball into the hole before the opposing player. The game operation is very simple but the actual and accurate control is not easy. The way kids shoot is to hit the target, pull the ball back, and launch it. It requires children to grasp the time well, and it is not difficult for children after getting used to it.


Play is a process that children can learn in a little time. For kids who are struggling, don't worry, the game doesn't offer a practice mode. While the game is well made, it's a little unfortunate that its use of in-app purchases is ubiquitous. Kids only have one beginner's lesson available for free, and those lessons cost in-game money if they go further. While they also allow your child to win more money, this may not be enough, and you may want to help your child unlock additional bonuses by paying real money.


In addition, kids use the money to upgrade their clubs. As kids progress through the game, they can unlock chests that provide the means to upgrade their clubs and balls. The better clubs kids have, the better their swing and power, and the easier it is to win. Kids will find that when their opponent has a great club, kids can be easily beaten.


Overall, Golf Clash is an excellent game. Its controls are smooth and will appeal to kids interested in golfers. If you want to get better grades, you need to keep your child practicing the swing. Games can help children understand how to swing mastery relates to the golf course. Do not hesitate. Download it now for your kids.

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15 February, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

The creator of Golf Clash has brought the top game of golf to the world. With tournaments and 1v1 games, you can get better in golfing skills and win more trophies! Challenge your Facebook friends, beat them on any course! Unlock tours as you master your golfing skills with beautiful courses to play on. It's a lot of fun and a lot of space for growth. Now is your time to rise up above everyone else and be the king of this amazing game!


Golf Clash is an addictive game that makes it easy for anyone to play. You can choose from a variety of clubs, earn power-ups and unlock tours as you unlock more features that make you master the golfing skills. Compete in tournaments to get trophies and earn coins to upgrade your club. You can play 1v1 games with your Facebook friends to test who has the best-golfing skills. This golfing game is probably one of the best ones out there. It's so fun to play and if you get bored it's easy to get back into. The competition aspect of it makes it more addicting, as you want to beat your friends in tournaments and 1v1 games! You can upgrade your clubs, get power-ups and unlock tours. It gets you into golfing skills and makes you master them.


I have played almost 1,000 courses and have met some of the funniest, most interesting people. I myself have looked for top players and competed against them for trophies. There is really no reason that you cannot become a very good golfer with this game! You get a lot of things when you first start out, but it is not necessary to buy anything else in order to get more coins or diamonds to unlock new tours. This can be done by playing in tournaments that give out coins or diamonds. So, go for it!

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3 February, 2022


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