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Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game

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Updated: Oct 17, 2022
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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

As its name describes, Cooking Madness is a crazy game. In the game, you will become a crazy chef! Your game goal is to serve delicious food to hungry customers in amazing restaurants as fast as possible. It's not just your cooking skills that you need to focus on but also the time, because these hungry customers are no more impatient than you might think. In fact, Cooking Madnes is essentially a time management game where your fingers will get very busy. You will find that cooking has never been so fun and exciting!


Once in the game, you will have your own restaurant, you have to learn how to cook delicious dishes and manage your own restaurant to become a real super chef! In the early days of the restaurant, when there are fewer customers and they are willing to wait longer, you can gradually become familiar with how the dishes are cooked. However, over time there will be more and more customers and their needs will vary, and you have to get up to speed. Cooking Madness sets these challenges into levels, each with a different mission to give you a special experience.


Of course, if you want to pass these levels, just relying on quick clicks is not enough. You need to earn money to upgrade your kitchen, which will give you a big boost in cooking speed. Speaking of which, you must be wondering how you can make more money. In addition to a fixed turnover, getting a huge tip is intuitively important. Customer satisfaction will determine how much they tip you, like reducing their waiting time they tend to be happier, but it doesn't seem that easy, dare you challenge it? The last very interesting point is that you can unlock different restaurants by collecting enough keycards, which means you will have more than one restaurant. Put on your chef hat and start cooking!

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25 October, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Cooking Madness is a free time management based cooking simulator developed by Zenlife games. Players play as a crazy chef in the game, using superb cooking skills to make a lot of delicious food in a limited time. More than ten restaurants, thousands of levels, hundreds of cuisines, take you to enjoy the world's delicious food. Among the many time management games, Cooking Madness wins with beautifully accurate graphics and catchy music. The game adopts the style of European and American cartoons, and both the chef and the customers look very cute. These colorful graphics and wonderful music seem to transport players into a real food world.


Now let me talk about the gameplay of the game. In the game, players need to make enough food according to the needs of customers, and after completing a certain number of customer needs, they can get a lot of points to pass the current level. Cooking Madness has many interesting levels. The rewards obtained by passing the level can not only open new kitchen utensils for making new dishes, but also improve the cooking efficiency of players, making the cooking process of food more convenient and delicious. At first you will find that the levels look simple, but as the game progresses you will encounter more challenging missions. Anyway, figure out a way to get over it!


As a classic food-themed time management game, Cooking Madness has been installed more than 100 million times worldwide so far, which is enough to illustrate the charm of this game. If you like time management games, if you have a soft spot for running restaurants, and if you are a big fan of cooking simulators, then you must not miss Cooking Madness. Get yourself into a real cooking craze. Cook like a crazy chef in Cooking Madness!


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1 November, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game is my 9 year old daughter's new favorite game. I often see her scrambling in front of the screen, which arouses my curiosity. So, one weekend afternoon I tried this crazy game. The game uses a colorful cartoon style, and the graphics of characters and various foods are very accurate and vivid. It's hard not for kids not to love this realistic food paradise! The variety of food in the game is very rich, including classic dishes from all over the world, such as delicious desserts, hearty seafood dinners, classic pasta and so on. More importantly, these delicacies will be made by children and sold to customers, which means that children will become chefs and run their own restaurants in this food world. This not only tests the cooking skills of the players, but also tests their management ability, whether they can meet the needs of customers, and whether they can make more money, which is what the problems players are about to face.


Next, I will introduce the gameplay of Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game in detail. As I mentioned earlier, players will play as a chef, and they will first need to learn and improve their cooking skills. Players will then have a restaurant of their own, and they need to complete the cooking in a limited time according to the customer's request to satisfy the customer. In essence, Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game is a typical time management game. The main goal of the player is to complete the food production process within a limited time. Some basic food can be sold directly with only one operation, and the steps are relatively short. More food requires 3 or 4 operations to meet the customer's requirements. So as the game progresses, the difficulty of the game will also increase. To pass the level, players must upgrade their kitchen to increase efficiency. Upgrading the kitchen requires players to make more money. In addition to the fees earned from selling food, it is also very important to improve customer satisfaction and get high tips. In general, the shorter the customer's waiting time, the higher the customer satisfaction.


From the actual experience, Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game, as a classic of time management games, has produced a large number of imitators. Some of them adjusted the type of dishes, some changed the horizontal screen to vertical, and some changed the graphics to other styles, but none of them could surpass or even reach the level of Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game. If you like time management games, if you have a soft spot for running restaurants, and if you are a loyal fan of European and American style, then please don't miss this game with more than 100 million installs worldwide!

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November 8, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Cooking Madness is a cooking simulator from ZenLife Games Ltd that always reminds me of other popular games of its kind, like Cooking Mama and Cooking Fever. I'm not a fan of cooking games, because in my opinion they are pretty much the same, basically it's all about managing time in cooking tasks to keep your customers happy, earn money and grow your restaurant, the biggest difference is the type of food. I may prefer time management gameplay to cooking, which may be the reason why many cooking games add time management gameplay. After all, if you want to attract more different types of players, the monotonous cooking gameplay is not enough.


Alright, anyway, let's get back to the game itself. Cooking Madness allows you to become a master chef and unlock restaurant after restaurant on a magical map. You will learn from the most basic cooking skills, continuously improve your cooking skills and finally become a real chef. As I mentioned earlier, just as important as cooking skills in this game are your management skills, because these hungry customers can be more impatient than you think, and if you can't make the food they want or keep them waiting too long and they won't be satisfied. The challenges you face in each level are different and get harder. Earning as much money as possible to upgrade your kitchen is a must if you want to face these challenges in stride.


If you want to make more money, the most important thing is to serve customers well. You have to stay focused and tap the screen quickly to prepare all orders as quickly as possible, which will not only help you increase your turnover but also have the opportunity to win high tips. Of course, if you take too long, some impatient customers will leave, meaning you lose money and have to throw their order in the trash. It can be seen that it is not that simple to be a qualified chef. If you're already on the move, stay focused now. Serve as many customers as you can before this hectic restaurant closes!


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15 November, 2022


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