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Updated: Aug 31, 2022
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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Released in 2021, Papa’s Mocharia To Go is the fifteenth in the To Go game series published by Flipline Studios. In this completely new coffee shop in the town of New Pepperton, you are going to make tasty coffee drinks -- Papaccinos. Are you going to be a star barista? Play the game and find out! Every customer in this coffeehouse is creative. They will order a variety of Papaccinos made of different bases, toppings and sides. After each day of business, you may unlock new customers, who will probably come the next day, and new ingredients, which customers will order the next day.


This game is more challenging compared to the previous games in the same series, although it seems easier to get higher points at the beginning. You can feel the challenges when you hear the order bell ring while you are paying 100% percent attention to your brewing milk or coffee. This is when you need to multitask and finish several orders at the same time. The tip is to switch stations often (pay special attention to the brew station) to make sure that your beverage is not boiled. Most of your customers are not picky, but there are closers, who are tough graders when they evaluate their orders. The good news is that you can review score details, in which reasons that you got a particular score will be listed. This sounds like a homework assignment at school, but it is very helpful if you want to improve your skills.


Another feature of Papa’s Mocharia To Go is mini-games where you can win clothes and decorations. After each business day, you have the opportunity to play one of many mini-games three times. For example, you may be asked to shoot a certain number of cute monsters or play a slide game. If you successfully complete the goal, you will be rewarded with some posters, outfits, and store decorations. Papa’s Mocharia To Go is undoubtedly more challenging but more exciting. You will find this game attractive whether you are new to this series or an old fan of it.

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23 March, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Papa's Mocharia To Go! is a time management game released by Flipline Studios on March 2, 2021. It's available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Apps for $1.99.


The goal of the game is simple. Players need to take orders, deliver perfect orders, retain customers, and improve the store until the end of the main story. Gameplay for players will involve multitasking between brewing coffee, steaming milk, layering drinks, and making cream rolls.


The game starts with the tutorial section. It will explain the process of placing an order for the customer. When the customer approaches the player's counter, the player will copy their order onto a ticket. Mocharia's ordering system is probably the most complicated that players have seen in the Papa Louie series so far, but when players arrive at Brew Station, things start to get tricky.


After ordering, players will head to the brewing station to start preparing their drinks. The base of any drink is milk and espresso. Here, players will use the brewer to froth milk and brew espresso. Each order requires a certain amount of milk and espresso. First the player fills the cup with the desired amount of milk. After that, the brewer will automatically start frothing the milk. While waiting for the milk to finish frothing, the player can start preparing the espresso. After the milk and espresso are brewed, the player sends it to the build station.


From here, the rest of the gameplay becomes simpler. The Build Station is where players assemble customer drinks. At first, the order may seem confusing, but once the player understands how to read it, it's simple. Add the ingredients on the left first, then add the ingredients on the right. The next thing the player needs to do is choose the cup size.


When you have finished assembling your drink, click the green check mark to send it to the Toping Station. In Toping Station, players can put the finishing touches on their customers' drinks. Players top the coffee drinks with cream and various syrups and toppings and create accompanying cans to pair with the customer's drink.


Overall, it's a very fun and relaxing game. This game requires players to gradually become perfect with practice. It's not difficult or boring at all, but it requires patience. Players will love the gameplay mechanics of Papa's Mocharia, as it directly tells the player how to better handle any given customer's order, and the game balances the complexities of the building system. Although the controls of this game are very simple, the content is very rich. It will give players a sense of accomplishment after the game is over. This coffee shop in the Papa Louie universe will bring you a lot of joy. So, download it now.

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17 February, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Papa's Mocharia To Go! is a fun strategy game. Developed by Flipline Studios, this 2D game is the 15th installment in the popular restaurant time management game series Papa Louie. This game is perfect for kids to entertain and learn about coffee making and management. Your child can play the role of a barista and run an Italian coffee shop.


The plot of the game is simple. Your kids can choose from Akari or Allan or can create their own and serve as the barista at Papa's Mocharia To Go, which is the name of the coffee shop. After your kids are hired, the kids will learn that a movie is being made about a coffee shop. Children are the protagonists of the movie. Under the watchful eye of the documentary film crew, the children will prepare drinks for customers.


At Papa's Mocharia To Go, there are 40 unique special recipes, 124 ingredients, 12 holidays, 135 customers with unique orders, and 90 colorful stickers that your kids can use to unlock new outfits for them. Also, this restaurant game really puts a lot of emphasis on customization. This will exercise the patience of the kids to make different coffees and handle many orders.


All in all, Papa's Mocharia To Go! is fun game. While there are some interface issues, the gameplay is very engaging, and your kids can spend a lot of time customizing the world of the coffee shop. This game is so much fun for kids who just want to play something casual and not too serious. It's worth downloading for your kids. While Papa's Mocharia To Go! The control is very simple, but the content is very rich. It will give your kids a great sense of accomplishment after the game is over. Trust me, this coffee shop in the Papa Louie universe will bring a lot of joy and a lot of educational content to your kids. So, download it now for your kids.

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14 February, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

“Papa's Mocharia To Go!” is a game developed by Flipline Studios. It’s a fun-filled game that will take you on a culinary journey through the most delicious dishes of the season. Throughout the game, you will create various holiday-inspired dishes, from an Italian fettuccine to a Chicken Pot Pie. The ingredients for each recipe are picked at random and can be obtained by completing quests that pop up as you play. There are also gems to collect and characters to interact within this addictive cooking game from Flipline Studios!


In the game, you can play as either Bobby or Jenny and take orders to make delicious drinks. The goal is to make the drink as fast as possible while using the least amount of ingredients. You have to make Classic Coffee, Bad-Cola (Bobby), and The Good Stuff (Jenny). There are 6 levels. Each level is timed, and the game gets harder as you progress. When you complete each level, you can bet your score for a chance to win the prize at the end of the game. You can also get 3 extra lives if you completely finish all 6 levels in under 40 seconds. In this game, there are some new drinks introduced from Papa's Kitchen 2! but other than that they are different because our custom drinks are served with straws instead of cups, etc...


This game has some new features from “Papa's Caribbean Cruise!”, and the game's background is similar to “Papa's Marbly”, but with different artwork. There are many characters that appear in this game, including Uncle Mack, and Popo, these characters have their own shops. They only appear in one level each, but also buy food and drinks out of them. Bobby is a customer that appears on the second level and he is short and tall. He looks very happy and talks a lot of words while he is being served, which causes the other customer to become impatient. He has a Munch Mouse as his pet that lives at his home. This has officially become my favorite Papa game. Worth every penny.

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10 March, 2022


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