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Version: 6.6.2
Updated: Nov 16, 2022

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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Gardenscapes made the top ten list of free iPhone and iPad games in more than hundreds of countries. Playrix released it as part of their Scapes series in 2016 as a casual match-3 game. One year after the game's release, the developers also released a project similar to it - Homescapes, in which the protagonist returns to his childhood mansion and attempts to renovate it.


Firstly, the graphics in Gardenscapes make it an incredibly captivating and challenging game. In the game, you run a B&B hotel with hidden objects. It centers around a butler named Austin who attempts to restore the dilapidated mansion and garden. Match three games have to be completed in order to achieve the goal of renovating an old garden. You are awarded a star for completing a level, which you can use to complete tasks and restore the garden. earning a start is crucial to advancing in both the gardens and the storyline! Furthermore, you can also earn coins that can be used for boosters (e.g., Bombs and Rainbow Blasts) that are extremely useful for completing harder levels. These games are also extremely fun and entertaining. It provides you with the option to decorate newly cleaned-up areas of a massively overgrown garden as you level it up. As you complete the puzzles and collect the rewards, you will also get to meet interesting characters. After entering Austin's house, you will see him asking for your assistance to renovate the garden, which has fallen into disrepair. In the garden, you will find well-maintained lawns have become unkempt, and statues have crumbled or cracked. As you own the house in the game now, Austin, the butler is seeking your help to restore the garden to its former glory. When you renovate the garden and complete tasks, you begin to feel that it is your own garden while you play the game with Austin. Lastly, despite the fact that there are many casual games on the internet, Gardenscapes is unique in that, regardless of how difficult the challenges might be, it is always possible to win. Even though it may seem challenging at first, you will eventually reach your goal after numerous attempts. New levels are released every week! I have been playing this game for well over a year. It has been my go-to stress reliever.

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27 March, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Gardenscapes is a diverse puzzle game. It is based on traditional match-3 gameplay. But unlike all games of the genre, Gardenscapes offers a lot more to do between levels. Do your best to renovate the haunted garden and turn it into a beautiful paradise on earth.


Gardenscapes is a fun and exciting game, especially for fans of SimCity and matching games. In the game, players need to dive into the world of professional gardening and renovate beautiful, abandoned gardens in the suburbs. It is in a picturesque area with ponds and lush vegetation. Players are tasked with removing trash, weeds, renovating all damaged buildings, and designing hundreds of new items. Every location in the game is locked to a challenge. Players must complete one or more match-3 puzzles to unlock them one by one and get the chance to work in the garden without problems.


Its soundtrack and soundscape are excellent. Gardens look full of life thanks to high-quality sound effects that simulate wind, water flow, and other natural sounds. The visuals are also perfect. The garden is so detailed and diverse that players are unlikely to remember all of its parts after the first play. Also, it changes as the player progresses. But it's still under the player's control, so try to make the player's best landscape design.


The game is fast and easy to master. It has the same tactile and swipe simplicity that anyone else who loves it enjoys quickly. Outside of puzzles, the game simply requires players to click from one button to the next to complete tasks.


The Gardenscapes game is excellent. Players won't notice the passage of time, and there are no dull moments while playing. There are a lot of puzzles out there, but this one stands out for its great gameplay. The biggest difference between this matching game and other games is the diverse gameplay between garden building and puzzle matching. All in all, Gardenscapes is worth checking out.

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3 February, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from US )

Gardenscapes is a casual match-3 game released by Playrix in 2016 for Android and iOS devices and Facebook. Gardenscapes is a fun and exciting game, especially for lovers of both SimCity and matching games. In it, players can embark on an adventurous expedition with loyal butler Austin, matching 3 items and earning stars to renovate the old garden. When the player matches 3 objects in the puzzle, the player can start decorating and restoring the garden. You'll also meet interesting characters as players solve puzzles and collect rewards. In the game, players will find Austin asking you to help him renovate his garden in a state of depilation. You'll find manicured lawns worn down and statues in the gardens shattered or cracked. If you like match 3 games and love decoration games, Gardenscapes is a good choice for you. Austin, the housekeeper needs your help to transform the garden and restore it to its former glory.


Gardenscapes is no ordinary puzzle game. Unlike most matching games where puzzles are the main attraction. Gardenscapes gives its puzzles more purpose. This is very worthwhile for players to explore. The game starts with the player inheriting a huge mansion that includes a huge garden. The butler and your host Austin will walk you through the mechanics of the game, and they're always cheerful and smiling. This makes players very comfortable. Gardenscapes is based on the story and the growth of the garden, while the puzzle-solving part is secondary. Players who want more than just a mash-up puzzle game will find it worth it. It's both a SimCity game and a matching game, and it all depends on what the player is looking for in this type of game.


The game is divided into days and a garden is completed each day. Each garden has a series of small tasks that need to be completed to restore the garden. Suppose the player needs to sweep the floor before planting new bushes. This is a task that requires one star to complete. So, you play a puzzle game, earn stars, and use it to complete missions. Then the next quest to get furniture requires a star. Players play a puzzle game to get stars, which they then use to pick furniture. Then wash, rinse and repeat. During the first few missions, players will clear garden spaces, plant new greenery and pick fountains, while switching between matching games and landscaping missions. It doesn't stop there; the garden possibilities are almost endless.


The Gardenscapes game is fast and easy to master. It has the same touch and swipe simplicity that others who like it enjoy quickly. Outside of the puzzles, the game simply taps from one button to the next to complete the mission. The game's graphics are decent, and it meets the high visual standards players expect. Although it's hard to appreciate animated 3D graphics on smaller mobile device screens. 2D graphics more than make up for it. Not only is the matching game well made, but the color depth of the characters is outstanding. In some ways, the 2D visuals are pretty good. Still, the animations are seamless, which is impressive for a mobile game.


The biggest difference between this matching game of Gardenscapes and other games is the diverse gameplay between garden building and puzzle matching. If you're a player looking for something other than a puzzle game with an interesting story and good graphics, Gardenscapes is worth checking out.

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1 February, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

A place in the garden where things grow and flourish is the heart of any house. A beautiful, tranquil place that everyone can enjoy, a garden is a source of happiness for many. Welcome to the first hit in a series of Gardenscapes! Solve match-3 puzzles to restore a wonderful garden to its former glory! Embark on an adventure and beat levels, restore and decorate different areas in the garden, find secrets it holds, and enjoy the company of amusing in-game characters including your butler.


The owner of this house takes great pride in his garden and has worked hard to make sure it's perfect. However, when he comes home from work each day it seems that something's wrong—the flowers are sagging and even dying, the leaves on the trees have turned brown and bare, and even the water fountain is dried up. Does this mean that everything will be ruined? The owner rushes home to take care of his beloved garden but you're standing in front of him—the one who can solve this situation. You'll be his assistant in this difficult, but interesting task. The garden will bloom again, you'll see!


They say that love and attention are the two most important things when it comes to plants. Be sure to take care of them and they might reward you with their beauty! Beautifying the garden is a cumulative process and the results will surprise even the greatest skeptics! Restore each area of the garden by beating its levels in match-3 puzzles. Each level can be played several times—the number of additional attempts depends on your score for that level. Complete more levels to get more stars—you can get up to three stars per level. So, what are you waiting for? Let's build your dream garden!

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21 March, 2022


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