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Angry Birds Journey

Size : 144M
Version: 2.10.0
Updated: Nov 17, 2022
Size : 235.3 MB
Version: 2.10.0
Updated: Nov 17, 2022

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Do you want to play a cute and interesting game? Angry Birds Journey is a good choice for you. It’s a famous game and has attracted so many people. Why it is so popular? Because it is easy to play with hundreds of exciting levels. And it is also interesting at the same time. In this game, you should fling birds with slingshots, and break down various towers in order to solve puzzles and save lovely Hatchlings. And you can unite fireflies with their soulmates to find answers for dynamic puzzles. Therefore, it is an innovative and interesting puzzle game and the game players are willing to explore this creative game for a long time.


And you don’t need to worry about the operating environment. Angry Birds Journey is easy to pick up and play anytime. When you want to play it, you just take your phone and start it. There is no time limitation or equipment requirement. What’s more, Angry Birds Journey sets great rewards for you. When you complete levels, you will get coins and wonderful rewards, which can motivate you to continue to solve puzzles. Moreover, there are not only all of the classic Angry Birds characters but also new ones. You can play your favorite classic Angry Birds characters and discover a new one. 


It’s a wonderful game and offers boundless and creative joy for game players. Firstly, you can play it anytime when you feel under pressure. When you want to relax or entertain yourself, you just need to take out your phone and start to solve puzzles in Angry Birds Journey. Secondly, you will explore different locations in this grand journey. There are many exotic places waiting for you to discover, which won’t make you feel bored. Let’s join this magical adventure to recover the Egg Wonders!

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8 February, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Angry Birds Journey is a puzzle game published by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. Its gameplay is very similar to the look of the original Angry Birds game, but the gameplay is very different. Players will guide the iconic Angry Birds through a series of puzzles. As the player progresses, solving the difficulties of each stage becomes more and more challenging. In the game, each bird has its own unique skills, and players will use these skills to help you solve the stages of some of the puzzles in the game.


Angry Birds Journey features the original pull slingshot gameplay. But this game has a faster pace than its predecessor. And the point of the game is to require the player to destroy something, not everything. Angry Birds Journey will take players around the world in search of your favorite flock of birds, as well as mysterious egg-shaped artifacts. The nasty little pigs in the game are back, and they're still doing bad things. Those mysterious egg-shaped artifacts have powerful and mysterious powers, and players need to help the angry birds to find them and activate them before the hateful pigs. Angry Birds Journey has over a hundred levels for players to complete, and tons of rewards to unlock. So players will definitely not get bored here, and it will definitely keep players hooked for a while.


Each level of the game is divided into a series of small blocks. The player has to drag your bow and shoot the bird into the nasty pig-infested building, but the player only needs to smash parts of it. Finally, the player has to kill all the pigs and release all the chicks. Players will find this very addicting.


Angry Birds Journey is a free download game. Players can go to App Store or Google Play to download. If you are a fan of the Angry Birds series or looking for a relaxing and fun game to kill time, then Angry Birds Journey is a good choice. It is worth downloading by players.

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3 March, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

The gameplay of Angry Birds Journey is very similar to the original Angry Birds game form. It retains the essence of when Angry Birds came out 12 years ago but is closer to the modern game. This fun little game will be great for kids to have fun at leisure. In the game, the children's goal is to destroy the nasty little green pig by throwing those angry birds with slingshots, and at the same time, there are various structures blocking the road during the throwing process. In addition, the game contains other tasks for children to complete. This will be very interesting.


The game pace of Angry Birds Journey has become faster, and children will find this addictive game more exciting. There are many different birds with different skills in the game. Each bird's character has unique abilities, like explosive skills or attracting things around like a magnet.


Angry Birds Journey is designed to bring a more relaxing gaming experience, its challenges are not difficult, so this is suitable for kids. While the difficulty of the game will continue to grow, kids don't need to worry, as there are always opportunities for gifts to make the next game easier. Indeed, your kids will be rewarded with fun prizes as they progress in the game. Such as coins or power-up items, etc.


Overall, Angry Birds Journey's simple operation and adorable birds will appeal to children. I highly recommend this game to parents of your kids. It is a very safe puzzle game for kids. Games are fun and exercise children's reflexes. You can experience this joy with your child. Download it now. I believe that your children will love the game Angry Birds Journey very much. But parents beware, Angry Birds Journey is a free-to-download game, which means the game is full of in-app purchases, and parents need to remind their kids of unnecessary purchases.

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28 February, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

"Angry Birds" vs. "Angry Birds Go!" concepts, if you are not sure then here you guys! I recently found out about this game and I absolutely love it. The gameplay is excellent; I haven't spent a penny on it and have made excellent progress, and there are satisfyingly challenging stages. I'm not talking like impossible hard but rather a level of difficulty that makes you feel accomplished when you beat it after hours of trying.


The graphics are also beautifully polished and the animations give a realistic feel to the birds as they jump around in bushes to hide or get up close with their beaks pulled back in anger barking at enemies. Granted most games these days don't need much because everything on your phone is good quality but Angry Birds Journey is just top-notch in my opinion. A few things I noticed that I feel could be improved. The animation of the birds when they jump up and down on the high points can be a little off but I'm no animator so whatever.


Another thing is that the opening cutscenes are skipped after you get to level 2 and it's very annoying, especially because you're stuck for hours without even knowing what this game is about. I feel like these cutscenes need to be there for both new and returning players so they know what's going on, not just level 2 where everything is explained from the get-go. Save your game before trying new levels, levels 1-4 are the most challenging levels and can be frustrating when you die. The controls are also a little stiff which makes it even harder making you feel like you're falling off with every jump. Wish you have a good experience while gonna play this game.

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5 February, 2022


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