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Updated: Aug 27, 2022
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Updated: January 9, 2020

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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

First introduced on December 2nd, 2019, Papa’s Bakeria To Go! is the 12th installment of Papa Louie’s restaurant management game series by US independent game development studio Flipline. In this role-playing game, you will serve as a pie maker at Papa's Bakeria pie shop and experience the complete process from order-taking to pie-making. A score will be assigned based on how perfectly your pie meets the requirements of the customer. With higher scores, you can unlock new ingredients and more outfits for customers as well as special holiday features. The pie-making process in the game is very much detailed and follows exactly every step required to make a pie in a real pie shop. Start with choosing the correct pie crust, you will then need to put down the filling by dragging the proper ingredient into the base. Some customers require top crust while some don’t. Be sure to center the pie perfectly before dropping the crust. Then comes pie-baking—you need to carefully watch out for the bake meter to avoid a burnt pie, which will minus your score. The final step is all about topping, topper, whipped creams, and syrups. Carefully follow what you have recorded on the order ticket and pick up proper gradients and place them in the correct position in the manner that the customer requested. Now everything is done! Deliver the pie and see how people like it and what score you will receive. Customers will show satisfaction if their requirements are 100% fulfilled, which will offer you a sense of achievement. You can also try those mini-games when you feel a bit tired of the repetitive pie-making job. Mini-games are also loads of fun and can help you collect stickers and other rewards. As you unlock more gradients and customers, pie-making can be quite complicated, and it will be more difficult to get a high score than at a lower level.

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2 April, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Papa's Bakeria To Go! is a management simulation game released by Flipline Studios on December 2, 2019. The goal of the game is like other Flipline games, to get a lot of cues from customers, players have to follow the ingredients they want to put into the pie. The player's job is only focused on the bakery. Here, players will make delicious pies for your old and new customers. If they're happy with what you've done, they'll rate the player's product and give the player a good tip. The game is not difficult to play and will give players a fun and relaxing feeling.


Players need and become experts in delicious cooking pies to earn tips and rewards. Impress your customers and follow the ingredients they want to put in their orders. There are also some simple and fun mini puzzle games. Players will be able to level up and unlock new characters and elements as the game progresses. The player will oversee the station inside the restaurant, and the player will learn how to balance it all. Players need to improve every pie you make to get extra rewards and level up quickly.


Papa's Bakeria To Go! has a tutorial that will teach players the process of the game, so toys can more easily learn how to make pies and other features of the game. Even beginners will learn it within the first few minutes. Players can choose Tim or Cecilia characters or customize your own. Players can change the dress and appearance of their characters to make customers more decent.


Players must individually focus on four stations: ordering, building, baking, and topping. Each station has its own process. The game is simple and easy, but making custom pies becomes challenging. The ingredients, toppings, crusts, fillings, and quantities that the player will use should all be based on the needs of the player's client. The bakery also has a dedicated delivery service for customers who don't want to go and buy a delicious pie. Customers will call the toy's landline to place an order. Since the player is the only one guarding the restaurant, the player cannot leave it to deliver orders outside. Therefore, you need to put the driver in charge of delivering the pie order.

If you have nothing to do, or want to try some cooking games, then you shouldn't miss Papa's Bakeria To Go. It will bring players a brand-new gaming experience. There is nothing more exciting than making yourself a delicious pie. Download this game now. It won't let you down.

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2 April, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Playing Papa's Bakeria To Go! doesn't require much effort. It's not that hard, and it also has a tutorial that will teach your kids everything they need to know in the game. The kids will only need to focus on a few sites in the game, as the kids' work will only revolve around those sites, and the kids will be the only ones managing the sites. Children should also consider cooking and prep time for the pie. Cooking only takes seconds, especially at the baking station. Kids should make pies based on customer preferences for awesome tips, which they can then use to buy restaurant decorations and upgrades. Play Papa's Bakeria To Go! Available on all Android, iOS, and PC devices so your kids can play anywhere, anytime.


Papa's Bakeria To Go! is captivating and a great pastime for your kids to play on a small screen monitor. Visual and sound effects are well applied to the game throughout. It also offers fun mini-puzzle games where kids can get extra rewards. Here kids will learn the basic concepts of delicious cooking pies. If your kids plan to start such a business in the future, they can get an idea from playing with it. The game is very dynamic and fun to play.


This is an educational app for kids who want to develop or discover their culinary talents. It serves as their virtual chef training session. It will also improve children's time management as children will oversee all workflows. Kids will need to answer the phone for special deliveries and hire a driver to deliver all orders at once. Kids can use the tips they receive from customers to upgrade and decorate their dining room to make it more attractive and pleasing to the eye. Children will be able to access other characters and elements as the game progresses.


As a parent, you won't regret buying this app for your kids, Papa's Bakeria To Go! has many fun and interesting features. Kids will learn the basics of pie cooking. Games teach them about cooking or baking, which is also fun. Download this game for your download now.

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2 April, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

It's been a dream of mine since I was young to work side by side with Papa Louie, helping him make all of his delicious pizzas and other pastries. Now that I'm a little older and wiser, however, I've come to find that running an establishment as great as his would take up way too much time for me to be able to handle. That's why Papa Louie come up with the concept of "Papa's Bakeria To Go!" where everyone will be able to play a new game. It's about running this very famous bakery. You will experience a lot. you know, the one where the pizza rolls are in front of the window and everything is delicious.


Papa Louie's Bakery has been around for over 30 years, but something happened and all that garlic bread got pretty rank — it was time to call in some help. So, the owner of Papa Louie's Bakery, Mr. O' Pizza aliens or something, called in some other famous Bakeries from all over the world. They're all competing for your votes, so you have to decide which one is the best! It is really different and outstanding. The game has 9 new bakeries to choose from and loads of mouthwatering new foods to make and serve like Dough-natalist, Super Sundaes, Hot Sizzled Sausages, and more. You'll even get to make all-new desserts. Each dessert is incredible which you never imagine. The game also features an in-game mode where you get to take a picture of your favorite food, customize it with a wacky hat or even get some stickers.


You'll also be able to search for new bakeries, submit and receive culinary recipes through "StreetPass," examine ratings and suggestions on the new eShop ranking system and even keep track of your top-rated bakeries.

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22 March, 2022


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