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Pocket Love

Size : 122M
Version: 1.12.1
Updated: Nov 25, 2022
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Version: 1.12.1
Updated: 28 Nov 2022

—— Editor's Review (Referrer) ——

Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Have you ever thought about going into Lilliput and becoming a lovely human-like the size of your pocket? Small things are cuter than big ones. In this Pocket Love, you and your partner will turn into cute little people and move into a new home with your favorite pet. Does it sound interesting? Don't miss it if you like cute things and want a pure quiet life. Firstly, the first thing you have to start is to decorate your new home. There are thousands of customization options available in Pocket Love. Use your creativity and turn the empty house into your dreamy home. Then, you need to choose your favorite furniture. And when you enter the showroom, you will be amazed by the variety of furniture inside. You can pick your favorite furniture and place it in your lovely and delicate home. Secondly, Pocket Love is not just a simple decoration game. As you unlock new furniture, you will interact with them in cute and various ways, unlocking special moments to add to your photo album. Isn't it cute? At the same time, this game will also prepare to introduce new features, such as adding more decorative space, let your imagination run wild. In the future, you can also visit your neighbors’ houses to unlock more special cute photos.


This is a game full of healing factors. Through well-designed and lovely graphics and touching interactive scenes, it can make you very relaxed in the game, heal your unhappiness and relieve your stress. When you feel sad or depressed, please enter this miniature version of the world, focus on the decoration, discover the special and normal beauty in life and heal your heart at the same time. This is a story-filled game, kind and lovely girls must not miss.

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14 March, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Pocket Love is a fun and addictive simulation game published by Hyperbread. It has very unbelievably touching and interesting gameplay. In the game, players will meet their partners, fall in love, and together build a strong family, buy a house, furnish comfortable interiors, and meet neighbors. You also have a lovely pet. Pocket Love covers all aspects of life, vivid and loving reproduction of reality.


In Pocket Love, at the beginning of the game, players need to choose a suitable character for themselves. Players can choose male or female, customize their appearance, and can choose their partner. The game offers players plenty of customization opportunities. In addition to setting the main characteristics of their appearance, such as skin, hair color and hairstyle, players can also have a variety of stylish clothes and fashion accessories. In the game, players can also get an affectionate cat or a loyal dog. The player can then enter the main process of the game.


In the game, the most important thing for players is to create a comfortable and warm environment and decorate each room with decorative elements. Players need to decorate the bedroom, equip the kitchen, living room and other places. After this, things in the real family start in the game. Players and in-game spouses need to go to work, shop, communicate with neighbors, maintain their pages on social networks, and have fun. It's also important and fun for the player to feed and walk their pets.


Pocket Love gameplay is so simple that players will become addicted even before they know it. Players can create a variety of character customizations through original drawings and stylish location designs while creating the home and home decorations and taking care of pets. I highly recommend downloading this game for players looking for a calm and fun experience from sims. It will surprise and wonderful your leisure time.

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3 March, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Pocket Love is a simulation game developed by the Mexican game company Hyperbeard. The game is available for iOS and Android devices. In Pocket Love, your kids can build a home with them, just as they would build a family in real life.


When kids buy food, furniture, decorations, and get more pets, they earn love. In the game, children can choose a partner and a pet, which will let children understand the importance of intimacy in advance. Kids can prepare meals for their partner, feed their cat, and customize his house to make it a home. In the game, your child will reward you with love for every task that shows concern for family members.


Another in-game currency in Pocket Love is hearts, which are easy to get if kids choose to have extra pets. Kids can get more hearts by taking care of their pets. But in games, it's not as easy as it seems. It's just as important to take care of your family members, including making main dishes, side dishes, and desserts for them. Kids can win more hearts by getting the right combination of food.


In cute family-style, kids can take pictures with retro cameras and organize them into photo albums. As kids stock up on love, they'll be able to further design your home and unlock more areas, such as gardens, where woodland creatures can help them gain love.


This game is great for children. Pocket Love will bring smiles to your children and lift their spirits. Let children know more about the importance of life and family in the game. There's a lot of cute content in Pocket Love. Its picture aesthetic is lovely, and all assets have been creatively designed to fit within it. There is still a lot of potential in the game for your kids to explore. If you want to find a calm and fun experience for your kids from simulation games, I recommend you to download this Pocket Love game that you can play with your kids, it will be more loving and fun.

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5 February, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Lover! Partners! love! Pets! All will be here for you. Hey, you! Great news – there’s a new Pocket Love game in town! You and your partner live in your little cozy house together with a pet of your choice. All kinds of stuff can happen when you shrink down to pocket size – go for a walk with your best friend, get out on the dance floor at parties, and mix it up with all sorts of other characters with different expressions. But most important is to find love! Is there one person who really makes your heart beat faster? Is love, at first sight, happen to you?


The new Pocket Love game has loads of great features you won’t want to miss. For example, you now have a cute little house to live in. You have an amazing store for decorating your house. You will be able to choose a partner. All kinds of unique characters will visit you and it’s your job to invite them in.  where are they? Well during play you will be able to meet them everywhere like ---- dance playground, the part where you are going to walk with your little pet. And so on….


All the people you meet what do they want from you? You’ll have to figure that out during your game! Do you know what else there waiting for you? Well, you can choose your own pet – the kind of pet that suits the way you live your life! If that means dressing up your cat or dog in your favorite clothes and taking lots of pictures, then go for it! But if you prefer a more natural style, don’t like to be too much attached to a pet then pick something like a fish instead...haha! will be a good option for you are decoration also. Meet people in Pocket Love today and get ready to start living life from the smallest possible perspective.

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15 February, 2022


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