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My Singing Monsters

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Version: 3.7.2
Updated: Oct 19, 2022
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Version: 3.7.2
Updated: Oct 26, 2022

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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Have you ever considered getting a pet that can sing? You can take pleasure in feeding your pets and you can also become a fantastic singer. Then welcome to My Singing Monsters, where you can keep a monster pet, provide proper care for it, and see it grow over the course of time. In this gaming universe, there is an island populated by singing monsters, and you must collect characters in order to obtain songs, evolving songs, and breed more advanced monster pets in order to progress. Meanwhile, you can design and construct one-of-a-kind decorations to make your environment appear more imaginative, and then show off your efforts to your friends!


You won't have to be concerned about not being able to locate your favorite monster pet because the game contains more than 150 adorable and amusing monsters. To acquire all 150 critters, you'll need to use your intelligence and inventiveness. There is a lot of appealing music in the game, which provides you with a stunning audio-visual experience. Because gamers come from all around the world, you can also make new friends while playing the game. At the same time, the game will release updates and events in response to the changing seasons; take advantage of these possibilities and discover new features! Another point to mention is that while My Singing Monsters is absolutely free to play, some game things can be purchased with real money. If you don't want to utilize this feature, you can turn off in-app purchases in the settings of your device. When you're bored, come to this virtual environment and spend time with your pets there. When you're feeling stressed, listen to your pet sing to you to help you relax. What exactly are you still hesitating over? Come on over to this entertaining music island right now!

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April 14, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Do you like to play music-type games? Do you have a good sense of music? Do you like the cute and distinctive game interface? If you fit all three of these criteria, you'll love the game I'm about to recommend to you. The game, called My Singing Monsters, was developed by Big Blue Bubble Inc.


This is a kind of mobile phone game for happy leisure. The monster chorus player on the island, and the island has many different types of monsters, the monster of the isle did grow together to sing. It would help if you started a band and created a melody, and each member is a monster for the music. Doesn't that sound like fun! It's designed to produce different sounds through a unique body structure. Whether playing percussion with your hands or whistling in the street with your mouth, you're using a part of yourself, with different timbres, to create beautiful melodies. All you have to do is collect and cultivate these animals with distinct personalities and different tones. You can also build homes for them in the game, free to mix and match to produce more and more rare new members, beautiful melody collocation, elaborate and clever design. The most important thing is that it needs to be different no matter how you mix it. The whole game is a beautiful cartoon game drawing style, with many exciting dungeon task challenges, super-cute monster images, and captivating music listeners. Would you like to try a weird band that created the character while the glee club was growing up? Don't hesitate to download it now! Please remember, when you open each lovely character, their unique musical style will be added to the song to build a richer sound in the symphony. Because some monsters are vocal virtuosos, while others play ornate instruments. Before you hatch, it's a surprise.

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April 18, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

My Singing Monsters is a multiplayer online music mobile game released by Big Blue Bubble Inc on September 11, 2021. This game is suitable for children of all ages. Children will start playing on a silent island. Their task is to immediately break the silence on the island. My Singing Monsters will have a game tutorial. With its help kids can practice the game by placing the first few singing monsters, after which the kids can build the rest of the band. Early in the game, the monsters kids get are purchased from the in-game store, but the fun really starts when your kids get a pass to combine and breed monsters.


The game's critters are weird, but all have a unique cuteness, and each monster brings an evolving song to the island with a unique voice or instrument. In addition, kids can purchase several islands in the game and each island has unique background music. Every time the kids breed a monster and put it in their new home, the monsters immediately adapt to the rhythm and start stomping, drumming, playing, or singing. Even if the song sounded very full before, a new occupant could always evolve a new dimension for the song. So, kids keep on breeding and adding monsters because they want to hear more unique and new music.


When the kids have had enough music, they can mute their monsters. The kids selectively muting these monsters also changed the pitch of the song. While My Singing Monsters is a novel music game, it's still a traditional quest-and-level game. The kids' monsters earn them gold while they sing, and they can also feed their monsters to level up as higher-level monsters help the kids earn more money.


Your kids will have the opportunity to collect and upgrade over 150 cute and fun monsters in the game and customize their island with cool decorations and catchy music. Plus, kids can enjoy cute and fun graphics and character animations. Therefore, I highly recommend children try this game.

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May 3, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

It’s impossible for anyone not like pets. Imagine your pet that can sing and also at the same time have experience farming a whole farm. You can have them all together here in this game. The release of My Singing Monster became one of the most successful games to ever be created according to both revenue and user ratings. Its user rating of 4.5/5, and currently holds the top download spot for its genre in both Google Play and the Apple store. This game's growing day by day for all.


The game has players create their own monsters that they can collect, battle against, or befriend by singing a song with them in an online world. The player must then earn currency by catching more monsters to use to buy new clothes and make their monster stronger through the purchase of food or potions. The player also has to make sure that he or she takes care of his/her creature(s) as if it were a real pet before it dies from sickness or old age. This game is a social networking panel simulator game. The player has a small farmhouse that serves as their headquarters and can also communicate with other players in order to get help, share ideas, or find out more information. They can also chat with other players if they are not in the mood to farm.


The game is based on a non-linear storyline and has events that occur every Saturday. These events include new monsters, new items for purchase and free gems for the player. The game also has a holiday season that lasts from November to January where special items are given out or less time is spent waiting for resources. This is where your journey begins - Join now and help create your own singing monsters! And enjoy the ownsome game.

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April 17, 2022


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Olivia Martinez    

I had my singing monsters on my phone but now I don’t because I don’t have my phone.

2023-04-01 05:00:28

The best game ever

2023-03-12 07:41:09

I loveeee the game it is so funny and addictive but I think you can put some more characters in the game thx

2022-12-22 03:57:51


2022-12-14 07:39:15

Love it

2022-12-05 07:32:15

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