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Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale

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Updated: Nov 21, 2022
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Version: 0.43
Updated: Nov 23, 2022

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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Attention all fans of endless running games: there is a new and inventive game in store for you. As we all know, endless running games are highly popular among many people. These games are very appealing to players, and they allow them to play for an extended period of time. Similar to endless running games, Stumble Guys is distinct in that it is a massively multiplayer party knockout game, with up to 32 people online focused on escalating the mayhem via layers until a winner is determined. Unlike prior endless running games, this is an online game that transcends the stand-alone mode and boosts the overall enjoyment and thrill of the experience for the player. Are you ready to play this game with me? Come on over and see what you think! First, you must complete a series of ludicrous tasks and bizarre hurdles, knock out your opponent, and conquer all barriers in order to win. If you fail, it is not a problem; you can simply restart and continue running. Keep in mind that obstacles are on their way, and you must maneuver around them deftly.


Stumble Guys is a game that has a lot going for it, and it's worth playing. First and foremost, it is a true multiplayer game in which you may invite your friends to join you in the action. Second, Stumble Guys are awash in color and have an artistic effect due to the visual tension that exists between the characters. In addition, Stumble Guys provides customization options that you can tailor to your specific needs and circumstances. Stumble Guys also has a comical tone to it, and when you fail in the game, you will be treated to some amusing sequences in between. Are you ready to enter the game with your partner in order to defeat your opponent?

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April 18, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

What games do you like to play in your spare time? I recently played an exciting game, and the game interface is very fresh and lovely and an excellent way to pass the time. This game is called Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale and was developed by Kitka Games. Stumble Guys is a massively multiplayer online party knock-out game in which up to 32 players plan to struggle through level after level of chaos until there is one winner left! If you fall, please restart and run. Join the fun of running! Dive into a series of absurd challenges and bizarre obstacles, knock down your opponent and overcome everything to win! So, are you ready to wipe the slate clean? Download Stumble Guys for the ultimate knockout game and the ultimate wild ride. Simple cartoon style, color is also exceptionally bright, coupled with relaxing music.


I believe you will enjoy it, enjoy the adventure brought the fun. You can choose different levels of difficulty, all at your own discretion. Still, the premise must be good practice their skills, have a solid psychological quality, and you can challenge the stronger levels. You can also compete fairly with other players to see who can get the fastest to the finish line, and you get a bonus. This game is entertaining and very involved, can help you pass the boring time, and make your life more enjoyable. Constantly improve their skills, you will also reap surprise, can also invite more partners to participate in the Adventure Challenge game, to an online PK, to see who is the final winner.


Overall, stumble guys offers you the ultimate Stumble Guys. Each game has 32 players, and there are quite a few levels. The game is very smooth, and there are various exciting experiences. You can download it and hang out with your friends. Are You Ready? I'll wait for you at the game!

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20 April, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from UK )

Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale is a massively multiplayer party knockout game published by Kitka Games and can accommodate up to 32 players online. Stumble Guys offers a highly engaging and truly enjoyable gaming experience that never goes out of style and is perfect for kids who love multiplayer games. The game offers a variety of different levels for kids, and each level has its own unique challenges and designs. Kids can enjoy countless hours in Stumble Guys, so this game is definitely worth checking out.


The mechanics and controls of the game Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale are very simple. The game is based on touch controls and your children will master it in a short time, even if they are inexperienced with this type of game. So, Stumble Guys are basically suitable for kids of all ages.


The gameplay is based on a knockout format, and there are multiple different levels to play. But in each level, some players will be eliminated, and a few players will be eligible for the next level, so the children need to speed up the time through the level in the block and make sure to keep getting each subsequent level in the game Qualifications. The task of the kids is to be the last person standing on the level after all players are eliminated. While the controls of the game are easy to master, achieving victory is challenging, but it's also very exciting to play and challenge.


Not only does Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale have a ton of uniquely designed levels, but it also offers quite a few things to decorate. Children can customize the appearance of their characters to their liking. Also, the graphics of the game are very bright and cute. Its levels and characters have very bright colors and a unique design style, and its animations are very smooth. Overall, Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale is an excellent game that I highly recommend your kids to download and try.

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May 8, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale game is a really different type of game you can play before. It’s pretty simple but able to enjoy with other friends. It covers everything from the basics of building, winning, and meeting new players to advanced concepts like global chat and in-game currencies.


In this game, you play as a character called "Stumble" who can't stop falling over and stumbling. You'll need to use your clumsy abilities in order to collect coins that allow you to buy upgrades that will help you stumble better. Your first task is to get up and running, so head on over to the market. You'll notice that you're missing a few coins, grab a few before you head off. You will start with just one ability: the stumble. You can tap anywhere on the screen to make Stumble fall down. This is pretty basic, but you'll unlock more abilities as you play, making things more interesting. For now, though, let's move on and customize Stumble!


First impressions count! To make yourself look good (or slightly less ridiculous) for other players you must change your costume. You'll notice a new bar at the bottom of the screen. This is your "mood meter" which determines how much fun you are having. As you play, your mood will drop. However, as long as you don't act really weird or anything it can drop quite quickly. To make yourself look better, take any costume and switch it out with another. When another player sees you do this, they can like you by tapping the thumbs up button on their screen, so your Stumble will increase in value! You could also choose to change your outfit in-game using coins or real money if you're desperate for a better costume. So try this game with customized parts and enjoy the game.

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April 17, 2022


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I love your game it's the best game ever played

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Ce jeu Est cool

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