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Lydia  ( Age 19 from US )

Do you like to play simulation games? I love this series so much, and it's one of the most rewarding games I've ever played. If you want the easy game of healing, then you have to listen to me. The game, called Township, was developed by Playrix. This is a straightforward game to play and a fantastic game, but also a traditional farm simulation game, urban construction, and farm management for a combination. You need to grow crops, raise livestock, build cities around a small farming town, and make agricultural trade. The game's main idea is to link individual farming operations into a complete set of industrial chains, increase income, expand territory through the increase in population to make their town more prosperous. The game takes the development town as the mainline. The first must have the construction. The construction divides into the house, the community building, the factory, the farming, the decoration, and the exclusive article.


By the way, I will give you some quick tips on how to master the game. First, the town's development began with the cultivation and cultivation of crops and various agricultural by-products in multiple factories to be processed into different products. All items have to be put into granaries before they can be sent. The helicopter obtains the gold coin and experience value to fulfill the resident order. Orders were the first way to get money back. Orders need to be delivered by helicopter, so try to put the aircraft in the city center. If you feel you can't complete the order, you can cancel it, but there won't be another one for at least half a minute. There is no time limit for an existing order. Since the order is open-ended, some items in the order may not be produced now, but you must not forget to build the relevant factory. This is the most convenient form! There are two main types of orders. One is a significant demand for one or three items. This is usually for simple crops or low-grade products and a small number of items. Overall, this game is worth you are downloading, and this game will not let you down, I promise!

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16 February, 2022

Emma  ( Age 25 from Australia )

Township is a casual simulation game. Like usual farming games, players will manage crops, raise livestock, and provide goods and services to various clients. Players can enjoy immersive farming gameplay.


In addition to enjoying the artificial pleasures of farming, players can also develop your area by adding buildings, restaurants, cinemas, factories, and zoos. At the end of the day, it's a game that combines a city and a farm building game. The game itself is easy to pick up. So if the player is new to the genre, the player can follow the basic tutorial to teach you how to play the game.


In Township, when the player starts the game, you'll be set up in a starting town that contains arable land, where the player can grow their own crops. First, the player will grow wheat. But as the player progresses in the game, you can grow other resources. In the game, players will get six plots. As the population of the town grows, the player can own more plots. To do this, players also need to manage the happiness of people by building various types of buildings and decorations. Once the happiness of citizens is increased, players can free up more population by building more houses.


Like other farming games, building farms and cities takes effort and time. When playing Township, you need to understand that everything takes time. With your patience and hard work, you can spend at least 15 minutes with more animals, buildings, and products.


But as you level up, your patience will be tested as you need to wait more time to upgrade buildings and crops. Usually, it takes about thirty to forty-five minutes. This time frame may lead to more hours or even days as you progress. However, if you want to cut down on waiting times, you can pay real money fast.


Township has an interesting storyline, background, and simple controls. It's an engaging game with beautiful graphics and exciting characters. The farming game itself offers HD, vibrant and very healthy visuals. Also, the animations are amazing, and the mechanics are easy to understand. Its gameplay is simple, but you will become addicted before you know it. All in all, this is a good game.

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31 March, 2022

Ivy  ( Age 35 from US )

Township is a farming and town development strategy game published by Playrix. The game puts the player in the position of a city planner. As with other apps of the genre, building and growing takes place in square plots. Township can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. Township features in-app purchases and advertising, and is suitable for children 4 and older, but may be more suitable for children 12 and older. As an urban strategy game, it's perfect for the whole family, and you can take your kids to the challenge of this mobile game about everything from planting and harvesting to processing and distribution, and experience what it's like to keep a real town going while still running. Try to keep residents happy.


The Township app functions much like a mixture of building games, where you and your kids are laid out in a familiar grid system, with a farm area where you grow crops and feed animals, which are then processed and distributed. You and your children must build and nurture a thriving town, while keeping the residents happy and working to nurture a rapidly growing population.


Township functions much like a hybrid of construction games, with players laid out in a familiar grid system, with a farm area where they grow crops and feed animals, which are then processed and distributed. Every time you and your kids’ complete actions such as planting crops, harvesting, distributing, etc., you will receive cash, in-game currency. However, farmland is only part of the township game. In Township, as players, you are the planners, aiming to make their town profitable and able to develop and expand its inhabitants and products. As you and your kids build and tend the farm, you also must keep the townspeople happy, which means fulfilling customer orders, building new buildings, and adding decorative elements to the town. You and your kids can add everything from the Statue of Liberty to the Ferris Wheel and Carnival District to keep townspeople happy in their town.


Township is free to download but has both ads and in-app purchases. When you and your kids earn game currency as they play, they could spend that cash to acquire materials and speed up the building and expansion process. Speeding up the game and leveling up can cost parents a lot of in-game currency, which is why many parents find their children buying extra in-game currency with their own real money. Township's in-app purchases range from $1.99 to $39.99. Additionally, Township rewards players with in-game cash for watching in-app video ads, which typically involve apps and downloads that take users off the platform. It is important for parents to understand the community aspect of gaming. Your kids can add friends through Facebook or Google+, allowing them to combine resources, as well as allowing transactions and gifts between communities.


Overall, Township is a fun but time-consuming and educational game with great graphics, and your kids will benefit from a simplified version of commercial farming, as well as the components that combine planning, building, and expanding a town. Games are safe for your child to play, but parents want to make sure there are in-app purchase restrictions on your child's device. Avoid unnecessary extra expenses.

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6 February, 2022

Mina  ( Age 28 from Bangladesh )

Are you ready to become a farmer and city manager to build your dream? This simple question has brought people from all over the world to the amazing Township city-builder game. City-building and farming are combined in a unique way in Township! Construct the town you've always wanted! Your factories will process the crops you harvest from the fields and sell them to your town so they can thrive. There is also the possibility of exotic trade. Create restaurants, theaters, and other structures to give your town a unique atmosphere. You can collect animals from every corner of the earth in your own zoo. There’s a lot to do in Township – the opportunities are endless!


This game is the best city-building game on mobile! Which Optimized for tablets & smartphones and also 100% FREE with in-game items. Quick and easy gameplay, suitable for all ages and skill levels 4 different styles of gameplay, including sandbox mode with unlimited resources & tasks to complete. The user interface is absolutely intuitive, allowing you to move around freely and perform the required operations immediately. Each location in your town will be represented by icons that are placed on the map. Tap on them to bring up a description of the location. You can also zoom in or out for a closer look.


Your aim is to gather resources and build a thriving town! To achieve your goals, you need to use your time wisely. Use time efficiently by searching for resources or engaging in work - it will earn you money and reduce the time needed to complete various tasks. In addition, you can increase the efficiency of your hard-working workers by constructing new buildings and facilities that will help them complete their tasks more quickly. Gain access to new buildings with their additional benefits and upgrade existing ones if necessary. The more facilities you build in town, the more money you will earn. Try it and love it!

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18 February, 2022


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